Honey Pear Tea by Nelson’s Tea

Following steeping recommendations, I steeped 1 tsp of this with about a cup of water at approximately 195-200 degrees F for 3 minutes. My first thought was that this tea smells like bee pollen, although I don’t actually have all that much experience with bee pollen, lol. But when I looked up the ingredients I discovered that bee pollen is actually one of them so I guess I was right! It steeps up a nice golden/amber color, but interestingly cloudy. Instead of a clear amber like many teas are, it had lots of tiny specks like golden dust floating around Read More


I’m CooCoo for White Coco Choco Chai from Nelson’s Tea

When I’m trying to cut caffeine, but still want some chai spice, I often drink nutty rooibos chais or lemony herbal chais. Depending on the blend and my mood, these alternatives can be tasty, but sometimes I find myself wanting more.  White Coco Choco Chai from Nelson’s Tea is the perfect solution. This tea has a white tea base along with the usual suspects of chai spice: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom.  But it also has the addition of allspice, black pepper, coconut and chocolate chips.  There’s the same heat I know and love from black tea chais, the kick of ginger Read More


Peach Dream from Nelson’s Tea #VeganMoFo2016

Don’t you just LOVE colors that compliment each other?  That is today’s Vegan MoFo prompt and since the Sororitea Sisters is doing-up Vegan MoFo TEA Style we decided to jump into the mix with Peach Dream from Nelson’s Tea.  When you look at the dry mix of ingredients you will see olive green, khaki, cream, orange-yellow, and a few specs of darker brown because of the green rooibos, orange peel, marigold petals, and other flavors in this herbal blend. Peach Dream from Nelson’s Tea infuses to a orange-light brown and smells incredible because of the peach.  The flavor is peachy, Read More


Raspberries & Champagne from Nelson’s Tea

Raspberries & Champagne? Yes, please! How about Raspberries & Champagne Tea from Nelson’s Tea? Again…YES…PLEASE! Even tho Raspberries & Champagne Tea from Nelson’s Tea only contains White Tea, Safflower, and flavoring they must be top notch ingredients because the delicate white tea is sweet, floral, and totally what I look for in a white tea and the Raspberries & Champagne Flavors are just that…Raspberries & Champagne. Plump, juicy-sweet raspberry and that tinge of zing you would look for in a Champagne. Raspberries & Champagne Tea from Nelson’s Tea is a pure delight as a hot tea in your favorite teacup Read More


Glass Slipper from Nelson’s Tea

I had no idea what to expect when I pulled this tea out of my collection today. With a name like Glass Slipper, I expected something Cinderella-like and romantic…like berries or chocolate. The first thing I noticed was the blue cornflower speckled throughout the leaf. Then as I scooped it into my strainer, I saw the big chunks of almond mixed throughout. Now I didn’t expect much from the cornflower but the almond seemed promising. Unfortunately, I find myself wanting more. More nuttiness. More flavor. The only thing I don’t need more of is rooibos since that is all I Read More