My New Morning Cuppa #Slim from Wild Leaf Active Teas. . . .

Weight loss teas or diet teas are something that I typically stay away from. Every once in a while, one will jump out at me and I’ll try it, but end up usually giving the tea away because of the way too herbaceous flavor or overly spiced ginger notes.

So when Slim from Wild Leaf arrived at my door, I was skeptical on whether or not I would like the tea.  This tea has a different flavor profile compared to those other weight loss teas I’ve tried in the past. Slim consists of puerh, Siberian gingseng, cranberry, cocoa nibs, and fennel. A unique combination for sure. The dry leaf had a sweet and savory aroma that I couldn’t get enough of.  I quickly set my tea pot up to prep water so I could check this tea out.   A quick note about this tea, this is a bagged tea but this isn’t your typically bagged tea. You can see gorgeous whole pieced inclusions and tea leaves in each pyramid or sachet.

With water prepped, I sat down to enjoying this tea, allowing the tea to steep for 4 minutes and cool for another moment or two.  Took my first sip and I instantly wanted a blanket and a good book to snuggle up with. This tea has a lovely slightly chocolate malty undertone with a sweet (slightly tart)  berry jam and slight herbal finish.  The flavor that really stands out is this berry jam like tone that creates this wonderfully rich and robust cuppa that makes you want to gulp and devour this tea with abandonment.

The deep jammy richness this tea provides makes this tea a wonderful way to wake up in the morning, which I now do.  I signed up for a monthly subscription plan ($8.99 for 15 sachets plus shipping) and have enjoyed this tea every morning for the last week or so.  I will say that I have noticed a quicker pep in my step in the mornings but I can’t say it is because of this tea.  It could just be the fact I have completely cut coffee out of my diet (besides the occasional iced coffee) or the fact that I’ve started a healthier diet and exercise routine. I haven’t noticed any weight loss but that isn’t why I love this tea anyway.

Regardless, I can’t get enough of this tea. This tea loves and gives such an amazing flavor that I’ve shared this tea with a friend who in turned bought a few tins of this tea for herself.   Fresh, delicious, and one that completely took me by surprise by how much I adore the combo of flavors this tea delivers.   To be completely honest, this tea is a bit hard to describe taste wise, but one that I’ve quickly become addicted to. My morning cuppa for now on for sure!

Slim is part of a line of teas to enjoy for those with an active life style.  That is me for sure.

Check out Wild Leaf Tea at this year’s  Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC this June.  I won’t be able to attend, but I’ll be jealous of those who can!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Puerh
Where to Buy:  Wild Leaf Tea

Goodbye yo-yo. Hello cocoa. Rev up your metabolism and curb cravings naturally with this full flavored blend of pu-erh and Siberian ginseng deliciously flavored with cocoa nibs, cranberry, and fennel. Dieting has never been our thing, but we love any reason to use the word svelte more.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Organic Assam Black Tea from Mana Organics. . . .


In the mornings, I typically drink a cup of two of coffee before I leave the house. For my commute to work, I always bring some form of hot tea and my matcha smoothie.  But to get me out of bed-which is no small task- coffee is usually what I drink.  (My hubby actually brings me my first cup in bed to help me get up.  He is such a sweetheart!)  But lately, the coffee just hasn’t tasted right. I recently had the flu and I think my stomach is still a bit wonky from that experience because coffee just hasn’t been hitting those notes for me.

So the other night, I set my kettle up to start prepping my tea so that my hubby could bring me a cup of this Assam first thing in the am. And my taste buds are loving this experience!

This black Assam is malty with a gentle sweet note that combines to become the perfect wake me up cuppa. I really adore the brisk malty notes. They bring a lot of character to the tea and make the mouth feel so silky.   I’m also picking up a floral hit now and again and a nutty undertone.   A perfect combo first thing in the morning.

For me, this is about the perfect morning cuppa.  I think I may have to pick up some of the bagged versions of this tea for an added convenience factor. Plus, my hubby can handle brewing me up a cup of this brisk brew in a bagged form much easier than the loose leaf version.  And let’s face it, sometimes my mornings just don’t allow for brewing up loose leaf tea with getting the kiddos work, making sure everybody has their lunch, getting the dog set for the day and so on and so forth. . . .

I do have to end this review with a warning, do mind the steeping parameters. I have found that the tea as lovely as it is, can be a bit unforgiving if you forget that you are steeping your morning cuppa like I did the other day.  But with a touch of milk and honey,

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:   Black
Where to Buy:  Mana Organics

Brisk, bold, and pure, we grew this organic Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Assam black tea on our family tea estate, Chota Tingrai (27.458869 N, 95.354856 E). This tea is excellent for waking you in the morning or replacing your afternoon cup of coffee.

In this resealable packet, you find no fillers or dust. Instead you meet a blend of long aureate and black leaves. The golden leaves you see are the fabled tips of Assam. Prized for their complexity of scent and flavor, they are a rare find in any tea. The black leaves are the two leaves plucked next to the bud. These provide a sweet background flavor for taste of the golden tips to dance around in. Both these leaves come from the very tiniest leaves at the very tip of the youngest shoots of the tea bush, and are known as Flowery Orange Pekoe.

When you brew the tea, you can watch the long leaves unfurl. Upon brewing, you smell dates, almonds, and parsley as the liquor blooms a dark rosy red. As you take your first sip of the tea, you meet a flawlessly smooth balance of malt and sweet. While you can add milk and sugar, the honey after-taste will try to dissuade you.

As you savor each drop, you can taste the rich, healthy earth of Assam and the warm, happy pride of the women who plucked the leaf. This tea is both certified and actually 100% organic. We know this because we personally oversee the nurturing of every plant with compost made on our estate, and ensure that no staff uses any chemical pesticide in our organic sections.

We love this tea, the land we grew it on, and the people with whom we grew it. We know you will love it too.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!