mint sencha tea

Mint Sencha Green Tea from Pique. . . . .

This tea is interesting. It comes in a little packet, and it’s been crystallized so it’s a powder. But it isn’t a powder like Matcha that needs to be whisked or stirred vigorously. It dissolves immediately in hot water, I barely had to stir! Right away I smelled mint and it immediately woke up my senses. I love mint tea so much for it’s ability to wake up my senses and make me ready for the day. It’s both stimulating and relaxing. What I really like about this particular tea is that while the mint flavor is definitely front and Read More


Minty Green Organic Tea from Care Tea. . . . .

For those of you who know me – or have read some of my reviews here already – you know I’m a MINT FREAK – so when I saw a single minty fresh green tea yet to be tried in my stash I gladly opened and inhaled the minty greatness! Organic Green Tea and Organic Mint are the only two ingredients in this cup! The classic case of LESS is MORE. And just because this is in a bag doesn’t mean the flavor isn’t powerful because it was! The tea I’m referring to is Minty Green Organic Tea from Care Read More


#MusicandTeaMonday: Summer Lovin’ from BlendBee

Recently I subscribed to BlendBee’s monthly tea subscription and I couldn’t be happier. Each month I receive 2 different teas that I get to enjoy throughout the month before the next tea package arrives.  I love my tea subscriptions. With being a part of the SororiTea Sisters, I get the amazing privilege to try different teas and experience flavors I might not able to.  That same thought can be said with my monthly tea subs.  You just never know what you are going to get and I love that. Gets you out of your comfort zone. This month I received Read More