Raspberry Matcha from Tea’s Me

Flavored Matcha. Yup! I will try just about any flavor. (As long as it’s vegan and this one is). So when I saw Raspberry Matcha from Tea’s Me I knew I had to spend some time with it.

This not only has green matcha powder it also has natural raspberry flavor and pure cane sugar, too! I will say that I was able to taste the raspberry flavor AND the pure cane sugar right away. And I know this review will be a little backwards but I feel like I need to address the flavor right away this time around.

The pure cane sugar is just that – pure. It didn’t have a fake taste to it. The Raspberry flavors came thru nicely. When the raspberry and the pure cane sugar are put together like they were here they lingered long after the sip. I think the pure cane sugar helped the raspberry flavor along. I think the raspberry flavor toned down the sugary notes. Any more sugar and I’m not sure I would have liked the cup as much as I did…and I DID enjoy it! This is a full flavor FLAVORED Matcha – I will point out. So if you are looking for a berry type flavored matcha I would recommend you try this one. It’s unlike anything I have ever had before.

Based on this winning experience I hope to some day try Tea’s Me’s other two flavored matcha flavors which include Blueberry and the other being Vanilla.

Now…if you will excuse me…I think I will go have another cup of Raspberry Matcha from Tea’s Me…Nom, Nom, Nom…

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha
Where to Buy: Tea’s Me

Natures Super Drink (1573 ORAC antioxidant rating)
Whether you want a boost of energy, refreshing drink or healthy cooking ingredient, Tea’s Me raspberry matcha is here for you. Matcha is one of the healthiest drinks on earth and now boasts an amazing taste. All of our Matcha is sourced from Japan, the birth place of Matcha 500 years ago. Great for cooking, lattes, smoothies and of course tea.
Ingredients – 100% Organic Matcha, Cane Sugar and Raspberry Extract

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) from Pure Chimp

It’s about time I review a Matcha – don’t you think – so what not Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) from Pure Chimp!?

The Pure Chimp Crew sent us their Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) for consideration and let me tell you – boy oh boy have I considered – Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) from Pure Chimp!  I CONSIDER it to be a very good straight-up Matcha!

The aroma – once the water was added – was quite ‘green’ but it a semi-creamy sort of way!  Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) from Pure Chimp tastes like it smells!  It’s a medium vegetal green flavor with a certain natural creaminess to it.  I have to make special note of the aftertaste of this one!  It’s clean and crisp for a Matcha.  It’s not bitter, it’s not stale, and it’s not too dark-vegetal that THAT is the only thing you taste in the aftertaste.  I really appreciate that about this Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) from Pure Chimp.

I’m VERY pleased with this straight-up matcha – Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) from Pure Chimp!  I see that they have flavors like Lemon and Mint.  I would LOVE to try those as well!  Those might have to go on my wishlist!

logoHere’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha (Green Tea)
Where to Buy: Pure Chimp
  • Boost your metabolism – great for losing weight
  • Clear your head – matcha has positive effects on mood, memory and focus
  • Steady energy levels for up to 6 hours – no more peaks and crashes
  • Delicate green tea flavour, completely natural and vegan-friendly
  • Mixes easily with hot water, or into smoothies

Our matcha tea is slightly different to regular green tea. It’s grown under cover for the last two weeks before picking, which fills it with extra goodness, and makes it (we think) the best drink in the world.

The specially grown green tea leaves are then carefully ground down to form a fine powder. This enables you to consume all of the natural goodness.

  • Rich in skin-clearing antioxidants (more than blueberries, goji berries and walnuts)
  • Only 24p per serving
  • Caffeine without the anxiety (35mg per serving)

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!