Majestic Matcha Chai Latte/Pukka. . . .

I really like Pukka tea but I find it a little hard to come by in the US. I originally started drinking the brand on my first visit to the UK and they got me hooked on good greens. My Target carried it for about two months and I poured boxes into my basket every trip but for some reason they stopped carrying it again. All that to say, when I get to the UK I go to Tesco and I buy a bunch of boxes of Pukka tea.

This time they had bags of latte mixes across from the tea, with the coffee. I’m hooked on matcha anything and can and will spend $4.60 on a grande matcha latte at Starbucks every morning so I grabbed a bag of the matcha mix.

I just now grabbed the bag to make one and noticed that’s its actually called “Majestic Matcha Chai” which is great because I also love chai lattes, although I feel like they missed an opportunity for “Matchai” but anyway.

It says “a velvety blend with cinnamon and cardamom” but it’s really like “a kinda grainy blend with mostly cardamom”. I like cardamom so that’s okay. The mix is vegetarian /vegan/no added sugar /dairy free/soya free/gluten free which I feel like makes it convenient if you’ve got dietary preferences. It’s sweetened with licorice which in this case is basically unsweetened. I’m okay with that because I feel like the Starbucks stuff is a little too sweet.

The instructions say 2 heaped teaspoons per 250mL hot milk and that is too much. One is fine. This is a good thing I feel like because now the bag makes that much more. It’s very cardamommy. This makes it more chai than matcha but the matcha is still there.

It’s drinkable as is but after half a cup I felt like the cardamom was making it kind of strong so I added a small amount of sugar and then it was great. I think honey would have been even better and I’ll try that next time.

My only complaint is the graininess of the spices. At the bottom of the mug were veritable chunks of cardamom and maybe cinnamon. Other than that it was very nice and will be a nice replacement for my morning Starbucks (until the bag runs out).

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Matcha

Where to Buy:  Pukka


The purest emerald green organic matcha nourishes the heart of this delicious herbal latte. Spiced with cinnamon and cardamom and naturally sweetened with licorice, it’s a majestic matcha moment. Welcome to a greener world.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Bombay Chai Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals. . . .

I have to say that Sen Cha Naturals products are completely blowing me away! I had no idea that I would enjoy them as much as I am! Today I NEED to share with you Bombay Chai Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals.

Bombay Chai Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals is a frothy matcha latte with no milk required. Therefore, it’s vegan! It’s also gluten-free! Sen Cha Naturals has done away with the ​diglycerides and hydrogenated ​nonsense ​for a cleaner version of the decadent drink mix many of us know as a MATCHA LATTE!

​Bombay Chai Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals is a more-than-satisfying indulgence it’s a new way to think of Matcha altogether!

The reasons I’m impressed doesn’t stop there! Bombay Chai Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals contains Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Algae Flour, Organic Matcha Powder, Chai Blend (Cinnamon, Cardamom, Fennel & Vanilla Extracts). Each and everything in this blend is highly aromatic and flavorful!

A few words that come to mind when I am writing about Bombay Chai Matcha Latte from Sen Cha Naturals are…frothy, creamy, sweet, spicy, cozy, energizing, peppery, grassy, and AMAZING!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: Sen Cha Naturals

Cozy up with a big mug of​ ​this chai latte gone green​. Warming notes of cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla complement grassy matcha for a sweet ​and ​spiced treat you c​an enjoy without leaving home

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!