Sweet Mango Peach Tea from Gypsy Soul Tea . . . . .

I have been on an iced tea kick lately. My friend got me an iced tea press and it is my new obsession.

Consequently, I am going through fruit teas like crazy. That is why when this sample arrived, I jumped at the chance to steep it up.

Made with apple, hibiscus, pineapple, peach, papaya, lemon peel, and natural flavors, but no mango to be found. Sipping on it now, it’s flavor is quite subtle and light. There is no tartness from the hibiscus which could be a plus for many but that also seems to be a side effect of lack of overall flavor. What I am getting is a generic fruitiness that leans slightly towards stonefruit. The apple base and dried fruit is contributing a bit of waxiness as well that you sometimes get with fruit blends.

Personally, I am not a fan because I find myself wanting more. More mango, more peach, more flavor. It is not bad but at the end of the day, it is underwhelming.

However, Gypsy Soul Tea has many other offerings to choose from and though this is the first I have tried of this company, I would be interested to see what else they have.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Tisane
Where to Buy:  Gypsy Soul Tea

This sweet, peachy temptation, is made from all natural fruit and herbs. Naturally caffeine free, this tea is great for the kids and anyone avoiding caffeine!
Try it iced or with a splash of ginger ale for an extra treat!

Ingredients: apple, hibiscus, pineapple, peach, papaya, lemon peel, natural flavors

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Mango Peach from Gypsy Soul Tea . . . .

Most fruity herbal tisanes are either too sweet for me, uninteresting when it comes to the flavor combos, and/or incorporate way too much tarty hibiscus for my liking. But I have to give credit where credit it due. Mango Peach from Gypsy Soul Tea – a lovely Etsy Shop – you will have to check out! It was completely up my alley!

Ingredients in this fruity herbal include: apple, hibiscus, pineapple, peach, papaya, and lemon peel. The apple and peach seemed to pair up, the pineapple and papaya are no stranger to flavor pairings, and the lemon really added that extra something to this fruity cuppa. The hibiscus was there but not overpowering – thankfully! When it came to the aftertaste it seemed like everything came full circle, too, because the apple and the lemon rounded everything out at the end.

I didn’t see that there were actual mango pieces in the loose mixture of ingredients nor did I see mango in the list of ingredients BUT the mango could just be the additional natural flavor(ings) that the product description nodded at and I’m ok with that because this was a flavorful, fruity, cup! It was pretty good hot but even better cold! It was sweet enough the way it was but also had those stereotypical tropical fruit flavors, too, so it seemed to take me to a different time and place…more specifically a warm, sunny island instead of the wintery-cold mess I’m currently stuck in where I live which is one of the snowbelts of the US.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Gypsy Soul Tea

This sweet, peachy temptation, is made from all natural fruit and herbs. Naturally caffeine free, this tea is great for the kids and anyone avoiding caffeine!
Try it iced or with a splash of ginger ale for an extra treat!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Mango Pineapple Habanero Black Tea from 52Teas. . . . .

I didn’t drink this sample for a while because the habanero struck fear into my heart. What if it was fiery? What if this made me cry? That’d make a funny post, but it wouldn’t make for a good life experience.

Luckily, the primary thing about this tea is the tropical fruit (mostly the pineapple). Pineapple is my favorite, so I’m all about it.

If you hadn’t told me about the habanero, I might have thought the tingling was schizophrenia. It sneaks up on you, getting more intense as you drink down. (Does it, like sink? Scientists?) The first time I drank this, I thought I was going crazy.

Or drinking the tea too hot.

Which I always do. I want to drink my tea the instant it comes out of the steeper. I do not want to wait. I want it in my face immediately. So I’m constantly singeing the roof of my mouth. Then probing the destroyed tissue with my tongue, thwarting the healing process.

You’d think this is a n00b move. Maybe I just started drinking tea, like, yesterday.

No. I have been hard-drinking tea (2+ cups a day on workdays) for at least a year. And I’m STILL tossing scalding water down my gullet like it ain’t no thang.

Maybe I secretly think I’m an X-Man (X-Woman?). Like I’ll mutate to accommodate heat. My mouth will, like, toughen up. It’ll culminate in my ability to drink lava. I could take my act on the road. Pay off my mortgage.

So anyway, this tea is delicious. Maybe, if your mouth is not severely damaged by your own stupidity, you’ll appreciate some tingling! It’s a fun feature for a tea to have.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: 52Teas
This tea is no longer available but check out the Mad Musings surrounding this tea here!

Be sure to check out 52Teas if you missed out on the 12 Teas of Christmas promo.  Limited quantities of those  teas will be available soon!

Mango Amazon from The Tea Can Company

I wouldn’t say I was an exceptional HISTORY student back in the day but the topics I was interested in I tended to research extensively. One of the topics I enjoyed not only in HISTORY but in GEOGRAPHY was AMAZONS and THE AMAZON. So when I saw Mango Amazon TEA from The Tea Can Company of course I had to try it for myself!

I may be a tad obsessed with Amazons. By Amazons – I mean the female warriors – known throughout history. I was a fan of Xena. Heck, I even ‘belonged’ to an online small group about 15 years ago of all females who made up a modern day ‘tribe’ that not only were friends but ‘sisters’ who shared our real daily lives with each other – as well as – wrote an ongoing story based around Amazon Living. I know – I know – it’s kind of nerdy – but – if you have been around The Sororitea Sisters for any amount of time – you already know that many of us are nerdy in one way or another and we tend to be pretty proud of that.

I also really appreciate THE AMAZON for all of it’s glorious beauty and wonder. The Amazon Rain Forest, The Amazon Jungle, The Amazon Basin…you name it…I appreciate it! The animals, the plant life, the scenery, the history! I hate to see the deforestation happening but that is for another day and another post.

I know I went off on quite a tangent here but when I drink tea I have several things that go through my mind. I have a lot of different associations with each tea whether it be because of the name, the flavor, the ingredients, the story behind it, the place the ingredients hail from, etc.

I really like Mango Amazon from The Tea Can Company for these and many other reasons. To get to the actual flavor part of the review I will say that the Mango in this flavored black tea isn’t over done but it is done nicely. Pair that with the floral flavors of the Marigold and the pucker of the Passion Fruit and you have something pretty darn special here!

The sweet to floral flavor combo is pretty even-steven and I think the passion fruit gives it a bitter of pucker which is nice and needed to make this flavor come full circle! It black tea base is a medium strength black tea but the flavor combo is what shines here – and the flavors all mesh well – they aren’t too over powering and done very nicely! For a trip back in time or to another place without leaving the comfort of your home give Mango Amazon from The Tea Can Company a try – it certainly made my day!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: The Tea Can Company

Description: This special blend of Black Tea with ripe pieces of Mango and Marigold Flowers is fragrant and uplifting. Serve hot or cold.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Mango Pieces and Marigold Flowers with Mango and Passion Fruit Flavors, Contains Caffeine

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Rooibos Mango from Adagio Teas

I was lucky to receive a fairly large sample of this tea. That meant I could try it a whole variety of ways. I landed on three different brew methods: a standard hot cup of tea, a cold brew, and a teapop. It was fun to drink them all side-by-side to see just how different each one was.

The hot cup worked as my control sample, since it is the method that follows Adagio’s suggested brewing parameters of steeping 1 tsp/cup for 5 minutes in boiling water. This is how I believe Adagio intends their tea to taste and thus it was the logical place to start off with my sampling. The tea brewed up a dark amber and had a full, rounded mouthfeel. With that comes some nice honey notes from the rooibos base and just a subtle hint of mango sweetness. Unfortunately the mango flavor dissipates as it cools so this is best drank when hotter, something I don’t usually find with other teas.

The cold brew I set up last night, leaving the tea to sit in the fridge overnight (approximately 12 hours). Since the tea is never actually heated, different flavors tend to come out when using this method. Normally I find that with rooibos and honeybush blends, cold brewing tames the base, leaving the flavor to stand out more than it would in the hot tea. This cold brew didn’t really work out that way. It is honestly quite bland. It’s predominantly water with some sweet/wood at the end of the sip. The aftertaste is just a generic sweetness that lingers after the drink is done. Definitely not as good as the hot cup and really not that good in general. So cold brewing this tea is not something I would recommend.

Finally, we have the teapop. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is when you brew your tea really strong, ice it, and then top it up with a carbonated beverage to make the tea more like a soda. I topped this tea up with Nestle Purelife’s Mango, Peach & Pineapple Sparkling Water. I figured that would help highlight the mango of the tea itself. The end result is a pretty juicy teapop. The mango is really drawn out more and tends to take center stage while also mixing nicely with the other flavors of the water. I should mention there is a little bit of an artificial sweetener component to this, though that is a result of the sparkling water and not something the tea is contributing. The whole thing is bright and refreshing and has a distinctly tropical vibe that is interestingly juxtaposed with the cold and rainy weather outside. However, I think that tropical element may be more from the sparkling water than the tea itself. Nonetheless, I do think the tea is contributing to it all and elevating it just a teensy bit.

All in all, this tea is simple but nice. It isn’t an in-your-face/”WOW!” sort of flavor but I don’t think it is trying to be. Plus, sometimes its nice to have something more subtle and relaxed. Of the methods I tried, the teapop was probably my preferred but the hot cup was pleasant as well. As I said before, cold brewing is a method I would stay away from because I think the flavors of this tea are just too faint to really stand out when prepped in that way. Still, if you are looking for a more plain tea to have every now and then when you just want something tame, this isn’t a bad one to have around.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos
Where to Buy: Adagio Teas

A lush, fruity and mellow cup of caffeine free goodness. The tropical aroma pairs perfectly with the naturally sweet organic rooibos. Delicate deep fruity notes from the rooibos, against the creamy texture and floral nose of the mango. Juicy and soft, dry finish. A lovely tropical escape any time of day, or season!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!