Lost Malawi Black Tea from Rare Tea Co.


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Rare Tea Co.

Tea Description:

Rich, black tea from a Fairtrade garden in the mountains of Malawi.  To compare this to an ordinary tea would be like comparing a line-drawing with a sculpture. This is like drinking normal tea but in 3-D.

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Taster’s Review:


Since it’s Father’s Day here in the states, I thought I’d start the day with a review of one of the more masculine teas I’ve tasted in quite a while.  This Lost Malawi Black Tea from Rare Tea Co. is so rich and malty and DELICIOUS!  I’m not at all surprised though, because the teas that I’ve tried from this company have always impressed me.  They’re one of those companies that never seem to fail to excite me with their stellar teas!

This tea would make an excellent choice for that vital first cup of the day, because it has some real GUSTO to it.  It’s one of those teas that really motivate you to get going, it’s like supercharging your engines!

The flavor is so solid.  Even though it is a very hefty, bold cup of tea – it is remarkably well-rounded.  It is a little malty and these malty tones bring out the undertones of sweetness that taste faintly of honey caramel.  There is no bitterness and not a lot of astringency to speak of either.  It’s just … real rugged and very masculine.  It has some earthy notes to it, evoking thoughts of leather.  It has that really good bake-y, cake-y sort of taste to it, like freshly baked french bread that’s still warm … the kind that’s baked on stone so that the crust is crisp and crackling and chewy!  YUM!

I like that this tastes amazing served straight up, but, it also takes the addition of milk and honey well if you want to have a sweet and creamy cuppa at breakfast time.  A deliciously rich, flavorful cup of tea, and it’s a perfect tea to serve to your dad or the hubby on his special day!

Malawi White Peony from Butiki Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Butiki Teas

Tea Description:

Malawi White Peony originates from Thyolo, a southern town in the southeast African country of Malawi. This rare and truly unique white tea has gorgeous dried leaves that range in color from chocolate to mahogany to rainforest and has a delicate floral aroma. This smooth-bodied white tea starts with light vegetal notes and has mild sweet lime and rose notes that linger.

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Taster’s Review:

I know I’ve said this before, but it is something I don’t mind repeating:  Butiki Teas is one of my favorite tea companies.  This tea is an example of why … it is extraordinary!  That is to say … this is not your ordinary White Peony tea!

It still has some of the qualities that I’d expect from a White Peony – it has a delicate nature, with hints of flower and vegetation.  But the flavor is more intense than a typical White Peony, and there are lovely notes of citrus – bright, beautiful citrus! – which is something I don’t generally experience with a White Peony tea.

The overall cup is JUICY … it tastes sweet and mildly vegetative.  After reading the description, I found myself searching for the rose note that is mentioned but I couldn’t find it … until I reached mid-cup!  At that point, right as the sip comes to a finish, there it is:  ROSE!  It’s a very distinct rose note, too!  Stunning!

I found this tea to be full of surprises:  wonderful, delicious surprises!  If you are a fan of white teas, this is one that you need to put on your MUST TRY list.  And even if you aren’t a fan of white tea, I think you should try it … it is so different from other white teas!

Royal Air Force from Rare Tea Co.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Rare Tea Co. 

Tea Description:

It’s a very traditional British tea of the like we haven’t seen for many years. It comes from two beautiful, independent tea gardens; the Makaibari Estate in Darjeeling, India and Satemwa Estate on Thyolo Mountain in Malawi. Both are committed to creating the finest tea using sustainable practices to benefit both the land and the people who live on it.

These teas were made by farmers, not by vast agri-businesses. They were not processed by machine but crafted by skilled men and women. The producers go to extraordinary lengths to make this wonderful tea. When you taste it I hope you’ll agree that it is a tea we can be really proud of..

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

What a sleepy day it is today. Autumn is ringing in here in Kansas. Leaves falling, wind is intense, its getting colder, everything is turning orange, red, and yellow. I love it. This is the type of day I would normally just dig deeply down into my covers and curl up tighter, sleeping the day away. However, I had far too much to do today and was up earlier than most days. I needed a good strong, stout kick! I reached for a sample of this tea that my Sororitea Sister Anne had sent me.

It smells like steel cut oats simmering on the stove top, smells even slightly of toast, just the aromas I want to wake up to! I love my oats and toast in the morning!

The flavor has a light fruity note to it but keeps its composure as a bold, strong, tea. Its rich, and malty, with a light zing that says, “Wake up Soldier!” It has a light sweetness but still takes well to added sweeteners if you prefer. I personally try not to sugar coat my morning as I would only slag back into a state of stupor and would not resist the temptation to go back to bed. I need to face my mornings head on, with vigor, and this tea provides me the gentle shove I need!

The fruit in this tea brings forth the darjeeling muscatel notes, just enough to open the eyes and make you pay attention. Perky is how I would describe the fruity note.

However, on the flip-side, I also find this tea so smooth that it would be fitting for an afternoon tea as well as a morning pick me up! There is a creamy mouthfeel in the sip which to me speaks of comfort, like a cup that gives you a gentle hug then says “now get to work!”