Decaf Momo from Lupicia. . . .

Before going into this, I want to preface this review by stating (1) I don’t usually like decaffeinated blends and (2) I tend to usually not enjoy Lupicia’s black base. So, this is not a tea I would have ever picked for myself despite enjoying other Momo teas, but it was shared with me by a tea friend and for that reason alone, it is worth a try. Alright, so let’s get started.

Decaf Momo is a white peach tea on a decaffeinated black tea base. The smell of both the dry and steeped blend is mouthwatering, like a juicy and fresh peach. Thankfully, that transfers over to the taste as well. The base only contributes a slight briskness that blends to the peach flavor. I suppose something about either the decaffeinating process or the strong taste of the peach has hidden the usually astringent base making for a tea that is actually quite nice.

Obviously going into this, I did not have high hopes. I am happy to report that my worries were unfounded as this, like the other variety of Momo teas Lupicia offers, is a great peach offering for those looking for a tea with that flavor. Plus, being decaffeinated, it is a tea that can be enjoyed anytime of day.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black (Decaf)
Where to Buy:  Lupicia

DECAF MOMO is a fruity blend of black tea scented with juicy white peaches. The tea leaves are decaffeinated using a special technique. Safe for children and great before bedtime.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Tsugaru Green from Lupicia

tsugarugreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Lupicia

Tea Description:

Japanese green tea flavored with “San-Tsugaru” apples from Aomori prefecture in Japan.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Green tea is one of my favorite kinds of tea.  I love the soothing and refreshing flavor you can get out of green tea.  This tea was no exception.

Never having this tea before I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I didn’t even know what kind of tea this was since this was a sample from a tea friend.  I wanted to be surprised so I didn’t check online either.

Brewed this up with my Breville One Touch on the medium green tea setting.  A few minutes later, I had a lovely cuppa awaiting me.  I took a sip after the brew cooled for a few minutes and this tea was light and refreshing as you could ask for!

Crisp and almost apple juice like was what I would guess.  So after I finished my cuppa, I looked online and was pleased to see that I was correct.  An apple flavored green tea.  This tea is spot on with flavor and I like the fact that there are any spices included and this is a simple yet well done apple tea.  Most apple teas include cinnamon or some kind of a chai spice.  This tea let the juiciness of the apples shine thru with the backing of a slightly hay like and slightly buttery undertone.

I brewed up another infusion of this tea and experienced it as an  iced tea.  It was magnificent. This is definitely one that I’m taking note of and am loving! This would be a perfect alternative to the fall inspired teas that will soon be available.

In other news, this was sipdown #20! Woohoo!