Ever Tried a Tea from Grand Tea? We did! 2016 Shi Feng Supreme Dragonwell from Grand Tea

Shi Feng Supreme Dragonwell from Grand tea is a hand-processed green tea from China. Each of the light green leaves are roasted and hand-flattened into perfect little ovals. The first scent that comes forward in the dry leaf is an almost-floral, dark chocolate flavor. Beneath that first chocolate note, there are starchy tones of toasted rice. I was careful with the temperature of my water to keep from burning the tea leaves, which makes all the difference with green teas. This tea brews up pale yellow and tastes much brighter than the dry leaf smelled. There are citrus and mineral Read More


Tokio from Lupicia. . . . .

With all of the tea I have consumed over the years I have had very little from Lupicia believe it or not. I’m happy to say that we have some new Lupicia reviews coming up VERY SOON starting with this one…Tokio from Lupicia! I think this was one of the first Lupicia teas I actually tried years and years ago. I thought I had already reviewed it here at Sororitea Sisters but I was mistaken. So NOW is as good as time as any, I suppose! Tokio from Lupicia is a green tea with sweet berries. And guess what it Read More


Summertime Sunset from Akron House Tea Co.

Imagine a large crisp cold glass of a lemonade strawberry concoction with an orange twist.  Now imagine this mixture of flavors with a green tea base, smooth rich and buttery. That is what you get when you drink Summertime Sunset from Akron House Tea Co. Akron House Tea Co. is a newer company to me. I’ve tried a few of their teas and have fallen in love with them. So far I’ve had nothing but crisp clean well balanced flavor.  I will admit that I think this one is my favorite that I’ve tried. First off, this tea has a gorgeous Read More


Fresh Jasmine from BlendBee

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy: BlendBee Tea Description: Indulge in this jasmine green tea blend of citrus, spice, and delicate floral notes. The perfect tea to serve hot or cold brewed. Your summer tea party won’t be complete without a pitcher of Fresh Jasmine.. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Recently I signed up for BlendBee’s monthly tea subscription and my first box arrived with my 2 teas for the month yesterday.   The first blend I checked out was Fresh Jasmine. (The other was Coco Blue which I well review in a bit so stay tuned!) Read More


1001 Nights from Three Teas (an Etsy Store)

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Three Teas Tea Description: From the site:  I finally have this tea back!! I sold out over Christmas. Whenever I got some more it was only a few packages at a time and they sold before I had time to post them. So get this while you can! This flavored tea is a wonderful addition to any tea connoisseurs collection. This tea is made of Jasmine & Roses which gives this loose leaf Green Tea a memorable fragrance and flavor. The best of both worlds. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Read More