Harmony Tea from Mellow Monk. . . .

It’s been a little stressful in my personal and professional life lately and today I just needed a tea to bring everything into perspective for me. Every once in a while I’ll grab a tea and just sit down, tune everything out, and just enjoy what I’m drinking. . .and that is exactly what I did wtih this tea-Harmony Tea from Mellow Monk.

Harmony Tea is a genmaicha that is sadly sold out right now. I’ve always been a huge green tea fan and the first time I had genmaicha, my love for green tea grew even more.  The wonderful buttery richness that this tea offers just relaxes me and really gives me that “zen” moment.

I brewed this tea up according to the recommendations that were provided and in just a minutes, I had myself a lovely pale yellow liquor that I knew would help me move my day along.

This green tea is perfectly named Harmony because it really delivers a perfect harmony of flavors. The rich buttery smoothness with a subtle hint of vegetal towards the end of the sip.  Throughout is a lovely roasted toasted goodness that makes you warm to your toes. Oh the perfect tea to enjoy when you need to wind down and really take a moment for yourself or share with others.

I can sometimes have pretty stressful work days and its nice to take a moment to realize that everything will be ok in the long run and this tea is helping me get to that point. The calmness this tea instills in you is something that if you are a green tea fan, you have to try!

Sometimes the simplest flavors are the ones that truly hit the mark.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: Mellow Monk

Harmony Tea™ begins with a premium sencha, similar the artisan’s Monk’s Choice green tea, to which is blended just the right amount of flavorful roasted brown rice, to strike a perfect balance between the nuttysavoriness of the rice and the rich, herbaceous artisanal guricha-style tea, so that one flavor doesn’t mask the other. Even the guricha’s overtones of melon and berry are preserved in the overall flavor profile.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Banana Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: 52Teas

Tea Description:

From the 52Teas site:  I’ve never had a banana Marshmallow Treat – I don’t even know if such a thing exists. A quick google search yielded no results that appeared like banana marshmallow treat squares but I’ll admit that I really didn’t look very earnestly for it, mostly because I would think that the banana would be too slick and slippery and wouldn’t stick to the marshmallow which binds the crispy rice cereal together. I would think that banana would really mess up the chemistry that goes into the crafting of a marshmallow treat. 

Then again, since I’ve never actually had one (and thus, I’ve never tried making one) I don’t know for certain. Perhaps it could be made with freeze-dried bananas (like the ones that I put in this tea blend) without much trouble. 

Anyway, that lengthy introduction is my way of saying that this tea wasn’t inspired by something I’ve actually tried but something I’d love to try should I ever be so fortunate to find such a confection. What inspired me is my appreciation for fresh, sliced bananas atop my crispy rice cereal. One day while eating a bowl of cereal, I thought, wouldn’t a banana flavored crispy rice treat be awesome? At some point very soon after that, my thoughts turned to tea (as they often do) and I decided that I MUST create a Banana Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha.

And so I did!  I started with my organic matcha infused genmaicha and added marshmallow root and freeze dried bananas. It’s a cuppa yum!

Taster size is approximately 15g.

organic ingredients:  green teas, toasted rice, freeze-dried bananas, marshmallow root and natural flavors.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

52Teas has done it again! I mean where else can you find a banana marshmallow treat genmaicha based tea? This blend is exactly why I love 52Teas so much. Fresh fun flavors that you honestly can not get anywhere else.

Unique blended with green tea, toasted rice, banana bits, marshmallow root and other flavors, this tea smells like banana pudding right out of the pouch. I instantly started drooling. I couldn’t wait to brew this tea up and enjoy this treat!

Brewed up by the recommendations on the pouch, I found myself staring at the infuser, willing the tea to steep faster. Finally, the brew was ready and I allowed the tea to sit for a few moments to cool.

A lovely pale yellow liquor sat in front of me, smelling of toasted goodness and bananas. My first sip was this gorgeous toasted genmaicha flavor.  The banana flavor was subtle and not as smack in your face as I thought it would be.

Second infusion and still the toasted genmaicha seemed to be the dominating flavor.  The banana notes were there and seemed to be a bit stronger, just not as dominating as I would have hoped. So I went for a third infusion.  VIOLA! There it was. A brilliant banana flavor that tasted fresh with hints of a toasted marshmallow.  Exactly what I was looking for.  The perfect combo of a fruity toasted flavor.

After taking a look at my infuser, I realized I probably hadn’t shaken up the bag properly when scooping out the tea. Totally my bad.  Regardless, I’ve been incredibly happy since the first sip of this tea.  I mean c’mon. . .Banana Marshmallow Treat? So uniquely original! Gotta love that!

Kudos 52Teas for another amazingly unique blend.  I would tell everyone to rush out and get this blend before it is sold out, but I’m emailing 52Teas now to see if my wallet can handle gobbling up the remaining inventory!