Limón Black Iced Tea from Republic of Tea



Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Republic of Tea

Product Description:

Lively Limón – A blend of fine black tea from three Rainforest Alliance Certified™ tea gardens create a base with classic full-bodied flavor. Black Limón (dried lime from Guatemala) is added for a refreshingly tart, citrus accent.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

After having success with the Watermelon Mint Black Iced Tea from Republic of Tea, I decided to pick up another canister of these iced tea pouches from Republic of Tea the last time I visited Chuck’s Produce.  The Limón Black Iced Tea was the most appealing of the flavors that they had available, so I grabbed a tin of it.

And I’m liking this a whole lot.

You might be wondering what a limón is.  According to the description above (from Republic of Tea), a limón is a dried lime from Guatemala.  The drying process seems to really bring out the tart notes of the lime, because this is a really tangy tasting tea.

I cold-brewed this in my half gallon pitcher filled with freshly filtered water, using 2 of the large tea pouches.  After I finish off the first pitcher, I re-steep the pouches a second time using the hot brew method (brewing it in 1 quart of boiling water for 5 minutes, and then in a second quart of boiling water for 6 minutes.)  The first half gallon (the cold-brewed preparation) is much more flavorful than the second, but both are very refreshing.

The brewed tea tastes a lot like … an Arnold Palmer!  It tastes a lot like lemonade and black tea.  It’s tart and tangy and citrus-y.  It’s got a lot of citrus flavor.  The black tea, in comparison, is a rather mild taste.  But the glass of tea is very invigorating and refreshing and sure to knock out even the most powerful thirst.

I think I might like this better if the black tea flavor was a little stronger and the citrus notes were a little lighter.  I like it as it is … but, as I said … I feel like I’m drinking an Arnold Palmer and not a flavored iced tea.  An enjoyable iced tea.