Product Review: Aspen Tea Infuser Mug from Grosche

Being a tea addict, I love my teaware almost as much as the tea itself. There is something about getting a new mug or a new teapot and adding the piece to your collection.  I already have a few Grosche pieces in my collection but I have to say, this is one of my favorites! The Aspen Tea Infuser Mug is the perfect answer to steeping loose leaf tea at work!

Let’s start with the mug itself. The mug is a great weighted glass mug that fits into the curve of your hand perfectly. I have this oddity where a mug has to feel right in my hand.   Something just clicks and I know the mug and I are going to be friends. That happened instantly when I held this mug.

Now to the infuser portion of this set and why this is the perfect set up for an office environment.   The infuser fits perfectly inside the mug with a little cap that goes on the top of the infuser. When you are steeping your tea, you can remove the cap and use it to place the infuser after you are finished steeping.  No mess no fuss! You don’t need a tea ball or need to deal with an infuser stick. In just three pieces that are made remarkably well, you can steep tea to your heart’s content!

I’ve brewed up green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, black tea, white tea, you name it, I’ve tried so many different varieties.  And the process couldn’t be simplier! Scoop a few spoon fulls into your infuser, pour in your water, allow the tea to steep, remove the infuser, and you are set. Doesn’t get easier than that!

Clean up is easy as well. Just scoop the spent leaves out and you are set for your next cuppa! I’m a huge fan of this set up and am pondering picking up a few more for when I’m at my parents’ house or at home.

Overall, a wonderful addition to any tea lover’s collection or the perfect piece for a new tea enthusiast.  I highly recommend this piece for anyone’s collection! Plus, whenever a product is purchased from Grosche, Grosche will create 5 days worth of healthy drinking water for someone in need on your behalf. Learn more about this wonderful project-The Safe Water Project here.

A great piece and a amazing cause. Just a few reasons why I love Grosche so much!

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy: Grosche


The Aspen tea infuser mug is the perfect personal tea mug for any loose leaf tea lover. The Aspen includes an infuser and a lid/infuser holder to keep mess to a minimum. The mesh infuser, made from 18-8 stainless steel, won’t allow your tea leaves to escape. This tea strainer cup has a very high quality and fine strainer, that will hold back even smaller leaf teas, and allow the full flavor to infuse into the water. You can even steep a fine Rooibos tea in the Aspen. So skip the messy tea ball, and step up to Aspen.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Midwest Tea Fest 2015: Part 2 – The Haul!

Now on to Part 2 of my ‘review’ of the Midwest Tea Fest! Oh, what goodness lies ahead!

TeaHaul1What kind of tea person would I be if I did not take home a massive haul of tea back with me? I packed very light for the trip, but brought a giant suitcase to hold it all in. When it was all packed tightly away, I just made the cut off size for a checked bag. 49.5lbs of nothing but tea, teaware, and toothpaste!

I know how it looks, there is a lot more teaware than there is tea. I waited too long to snag anything, and a lot of the teas being sold were essentially all gone. But! I fell in love with more teaware than I think is healthy for just one person. It was pretty crowded around all of the booths the majority of the time, it was a madhouse! Just watching the folks at the Queen’s Pantry feverishly weigh and pack all the teas that were flying off the ‘shelves’ was almost nauseating. I overheard the people at Shang Tea how they only prepared for 300 people, and there was easily twice as much in attendance.

TeaHaul2The few teas you see are mostly samples, the Rishi and Harney were in my goodie bag, and I got samples of Pomegranate white and gunpowder mint from Single Origin. I did purchase Single Origin Tea’s Jun Chiyabari, the last one on their table. There is a small round tin of Bingley’s 10yrs Oven Roasted Aged oolong, and I did pick up some of Shang’s Aged White. (Not at the actual festival though, I took the short walk to Crowne Plaza to their brick and mortar store to pick some up, they were not selling them at the fest.)

TeaHaul3I ended up doing something I never do, and that is indulge in any whim I had along the way. I bought three pieces from Pi Ceramics, a sweet goblet cup, a cha hai (sharing pitcher) for gongfu, and a short and stout kuysu! They are great looking pieces and have a good home here with me. I bought another sharing pitcher from Bingley’s, as well as a small glass teapot. The two small white cups are from Shang Tea, as well as the white infused mug, and the Tea Seed Oil. (Fun Fact: Tea Seed Oil has a smoke point of 455F. You could healthily fry with it!)

The two books you see are the darlings of my collection from the fest. The first is Nichole’s own book, Tea Log: Chronicle your journey of Tea which a very useful tool I know I will be filling up very quickly. And the hardcover 30th edition of Tea Lover’s Treasury by James Norwood Pratt was signed by the legend himself. I was overjoyed by the welcoming attitude he and his wife Valerie had towards everyone they talked to.