On Wisconsin from A Quarter To Tea. . . . Part Two

I have actually written a previous review about On Wisconsin by A Quarter to Tea, the tasty honey cheesecake tea. For that reason, this review is more about a tea experiment I did with On Wisconsin as opposed to the tea itself.

For a while I have been obsessing over iced lattes. I have tried and tried but can never get my iced tea lattes to be as rich and creamy as the ones you get at places like Starbucks (though I think that because Starbucks uses whole milk loaded with syrup). Instead mine are almost watery. As a result, I have been searching the internet, reading recipes and watching YouTube videos, trying to get new and inspiring ideas for iced lattes. I came across one video by The Domestic Geek called 5 Fave Iced Coffee Hacks  which has 5 tasty looking ideas that could easily be adapted for iced tea lattes.

One hack that really caught my attention was the third hack for Inside Out Lattes. For this hack, The Domestic Goddess made ice cubes out of coffee and chocolate syrup. She filled a mug with the coffee ice cubes and topped it with milk. Since I don’t drink coffee, I followed her lead but made my ice cubes out of a concentrate of On Wisconsin tea. I made the cubes by steeping the tea per the recommended parameters but using about 3-4 times the amount of leaf suggested. I then poured the concentrate into the ice cube tray and left them to set in the freezer overnight.

Once the cubes were set, I took the hack a step further and decided to blend my tea ice cubes with the milk. I used about 5 cubes to about a 1/2 a cup of milk but it was too thick so I added about another 1/2 a cup of milk. Then something weird happened as the icy milk foam separated to the top of the glass and the milky tea separated to the bottom. After some aggressive stirring to combine the foam and the tea, I was still surprised at how loose the tea tasted. I expected a smoothie-like or iced Aroma type consistency and instead it tasted like cold, milky tea. Personally I blame my ratio of cubes to milk but also the use of the On Wisconsin tea which has a strong honey flavor that competes with the milk as opposed to mixing with it.

Ultimately the experiment turned out good but not great. I think next time I need less cubes but also I think a different tea would improve the results drastically. My guess is a chocolate tea would suit this type of thing better. Though this is definitely an improvement from other iced lattes I have tried in the past as milky tea in an iced latte is better than watery tea in an iced latte so at least I am working in the right direction.


Strawberry Sencha from Treehouse Teas

strawberrySenchaTea Information:

Leaf Type: Green

Where to Buy:  Treehouse Teas

Tea Description:

The smell of fresh picked strawberries round out an exceptionally smooth green tea. Papaya and strawberry pieces layer this Sencha which is made to Japanese specifications. High in Antioxidants this tea also makes for a wonderful iced tea perfect for back porch rocking. Steep 3-7 minutes at a temperature of 194F.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Strawberry Sencha? Yes please! Sign me up! I had a great experience with Treehouse Tea’s delicious Gemaicha so I was excited to try their version of a flavored sencha.

I brewed a big pot of this up for the twins and I to share after dinner.  The amazing strawberry aroma that I could smell while the tea was steeping was fresh and vibrant.  I couldn’t wait to try it.  I brewed this up in my Breville One Touch on the green tea setting.  Poured three mugs and sat myself down in front of the computer to enjoy this tea.

As I sat and allowed this to cool for a moment, I’m transported to sweet strawberry heaven.  Took my first sip and I’m still in strawberry heaven! This tea is delicious.  The strawberry tastes fresh and almost juicy like.  The green tea delivers a nice buttery rich mouth full each and every sip.  For those strawberry lovers out there, this is for you! I’m excited to try this as an iced tea here in a few minutes.

A word of warning tho, this tea gets bitter as it cools off. So drink it while its hot! Which really shouldn’t be a problem.  This tea is too good and the cuppa will be empty before you know it!