Let’s Go Bananas! Banana-Themed Teas

Tea with bananas?  That’s crazy, right?  Or maybe it’s just crazy delicious.  Let’s take a look at five banana teas I’ve tasted lately. Grilled Spiced Banana from A Quarter to Tea – Let’s get started with the weirdest banana tea I’ve come across.  Not only does this blend feature bananas, but it also uses smokey flavors to convey the “grilled” part of Grilled Banana.  Brewed, this tea is shockingly creamy, much more like banana creme brule than any overpowering smoky lapsang souchong.  The hint of smoky adds a nice savory note to the sweet banana, like the tasting the sweet-salty Read More


Neapolitan Ice Cream Iced Tea by Southern Boy Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy: Southern Boy Teas Tea Description: Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream in an iced tea, from our Southern Boy Teas collection. This is a great blend of finely processed (CTC) Indian black tea blended with organic flavors and sealed in an oversized teabag. Each individually packaged teabag will yield 2-quarts (a full gallon if you re-steep) of the best iced tea you’ve ever had. Learn more about this tea here. Learn more about SBT’s subscription service here. Taster’s Review: It’s easy to get hooked on these iced teas. They’re just so flavourful and Read More


Cookies & Cream Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea Tea Description: A person who has not sampled a Cookies and Cream Matcha delicacy, does not know what they are missing. This is because; this wonderfully creamy delicacy stands a world apart because of its popular appeal irrespective of age or station in life. Cookies and Cream Matcha is a sweet treat that has been tempered by Matcha’s distinct difference and can be enjoyed by the very young because of its creamy resonance and older people because of its Matcha twist. Cookies and Cream Matcha can easily holds its Read More


Mango Ice Cream from 52Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  52Teas Tea Description: My wife and I have a favorite Chinese restaurant here in Wichita (if you live here or plan to visit, you HAVE to check out Oh Yeah; It really is awesome.  Tell Shu that Frank sent you).  Anyway, the food there is amazing, but I think my wife’s favorite part is the Mango ice cream.  It does strike me as the perfect, sweet, creamy ending to a fabulous meal.  Anyway, it inspired me to make this week’s Tea of the Week.  I hope you enjoy it. Learn more about Read More


Southern Boy Teas Series, Part 7: Neapolitan Ice Cream from 52Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where To Buy:  52Teas Tea Description: Premium Indian CTC black teas blended with organic flavoring. Amazing tea with a great Neapolitan ice cream finish. Learn more about Southern Boy Teas here. Taster’s Review: YUM! I am nearly finished with this series of teas (just one more flavor to try – Bubblegum!), and I’ve really enjoyed them all so far.  Each one has been deliciously unique – revamping the idea of boring iced tea, transforming it into a very exciting way to enjoy cool, summertime refreshment. The original “Neapolitan Ice Cream” tea from 52Teas was actually Read More