Valentine Tea Gift Idea! My Blood Type is Tea T-Shirt from I Love Apparel. . . . .

My Blood Type is Tea T-Shirt from I Love Apparel is the featured fashionable fiber of choice! Having said that…I have a confession to make. I’m deathly afraid of needles! I avoid them at all costs! So-much-so that I couldn’t even tell you what my actual blood type is! So how fitting is it for more reason than one that I adore my new “tea shirt”-My Blood Type is Tea T-Shirt from I Love Apparel? For about $23 US this makes a great gift for any tea lover! That is the T-Shirt price. They also have it available for purchase Read More


#TeaTeeTuesday: I Love Apparel Shirt

  Yes, I admit it. I’m a pop culture tea drinking geek who loves her realilty shows on CNBC, Discovery, and watching the latest and great horror fun on TV/Netflix.  That is why I Love Apparel is the perfect place for me! I’m slightly addicted to those monthly box subscriptions. For a while, there was a Doctor Who tea shirt club that I belonged to. The shirts were incredibly high quality and fit me perfectly. I was sad when I received the email that the club was ending. But when my I Love Apparel shirt showed up at my doorstep, Read More