Woodland Trek by Beach House Tea Company. . . . .

I steeped this tea for 8 minutes at 212 degrees with 1.5 teaspoons of leaf in about 6-8 ounces of water. After steeping, the tea is an interesting peachy color-pinkish-orangeish-amber. It smells mostly of honeybush and a little of hops. The flavor combinations available here are quite intriguing! First sip: SUPER sweet. It has a light, airy quality to the flavor. It’s not as “earthy” as I’d expect with so much honeybush in it (honeybush and rooibos usually ground a flavor pretty well in my estimation). The flavor is also much more complex than the fragrance, rather than being dominated Read More


#MusicandTeaMonday: Sweet Dreams Herbal from AstroloTea

Sweet Dreams is part of AstroloTea’s Transformative Loose Tea range, which combines ingredients with specific properties to create teas designed to have an effect on either mind or body. Sweet Dreams, true to its name, is supposed to be a relaxing blend, with the intention of promoting sleep or rest. Like many blends of this kind, it contains a selection of herbal ingredients known for their calming properties, including rose petals, hops, jasmine, lemon balm, and lavender. It also contains more unusual ingredients, such as poppy, catuba, gotu kola, dogwood, yarrow, brahmi, kava kava, and mullein. Many of these I’ve Read More


Peace Tea from The Algonquin Tea Co.

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Herbal/Functional Tisane Where to Buy:  Algonquin Tea Co. Tea Description: Peace Tea instills the tranquility, patience and beauty of the earth. This rich, bittersweet blend grounds us in a flowing meadow of healing herbs. Peace tea is ideal for calming down before, during or after any busy period. Learn more about this tea here. Learn more about subscribing to Postal Teas here. Taster’s Review: So, my Postal Teas box arrived the other day!  Yay!  A beam of happiness shines like a ray of sunshine when tea is in the mailbox!  And I do really enjoy the Read More


Hoppiness is Happiness from Handmade Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Green Where to Buy: Handmade Tea Tea Description: For this blend I wanted to bring together something sweet, fresh, and light. Taking a cue from the beer industry, I wanted to create something very seasonal. I’ve been wanting to use hops in a blend for months and it took a lot of experimenting but I believe we have a hoppily delightful April blend. PLease, enjoy Hoppiness is Happiness from Handmade Tea. Happiness is Hoppiness consists of a pan-fried green tea which is subtle, sweet, and fresh. Next we added apricots for a fruity, sweet flavor. Lastly this blend Read More


Peach HoppiTea Custom Blend from Butiki Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Organic Guranse Where to Buy: Butiki Teas Tea Description: Azzrian’s Custom Blend via Butiki Teas. This blend was inspired by a beer I used to love drinking. It was a lambic beer sweetened and flavored with peaches. Thus we took an organic guranse and mixed in cascade hops, peaches, and peach flavoring. All organic, all delicious! Learn more about this tea from Steepster reviews here. Request your own custom blend via email by clicking here. Just tell Stacy you would like to create your own custom blend and shoot her your general idea – she will get back Read More