Organic Masala Chai from Hope and Glory

I still remember my first Chai latte. It was love at first sip. And the spicier the better! Whether at a coffee shop or at home, I never imagined drinking Chai without some sort of plant milk, my favorite is coconut milk. However, I am also a very impatient person, and I wanted to try this Masala Chai from Hope&Glory, and I have no plant milk. I was kind of scared to try this straight, because some Chai’s I’ve gad in the past are a bit sharp, and need something to tone it down a bit. But it was a Read More


Rani Collection Organic Earl Grey from Hope and Glory

The more tea friends I meet online the more I realize that Earl Grey is hit and miss for some people. Lucky for me – I’m generally a fan of Earl Grey – so today I would like to share with you Rani Collection Organic Earl Grey from Hope & Glory! The dry leaf aroma is stereo-typically Earl Grey potent but once the hot water is added and the loose leaf infused it tones down a bit in terms of potency-aroma-wise. Rani Collection Organic Earl Grey from Hope & Glory still smells pretty terrific in the cup just before sipping! Read More


Maharajah Collection Organic English Breakfast from Hope and Glory

I remember the first full day of my study abroad semester in London like it was yesterday (instead of 2009– wait, am I getting old? Don’t answer that). After a sleepless trans-Atlantic flight and a lazy day of getting acclimated, we were invited to a proper cream tea at a local historic hotel. My love of tea had begun long before my international journey, but it was fairly exclusive to basic herbals and the occasional green– every time I tried to drink straight black tea, I got this stomach-turning ick and would set it aside until it turned cold and Read More


Masala Chai from Hope and Glory

I love that chai is the mingling of the world’s tastes. It’s the tea culture from China; the spice from India; and the English’s ability to spread and co-mingle the two. It’s impossible to untangle chai from its history. Britain colonized India around the time America escaped it. It was called “the jewel in the British crown” because it was so profitable. The English used their property in India and Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) to grow tea for its citizens in order to lessen their dependence on China. The English’s obsession with tea fused with India’s love of spice, and Read More


Organic Earl Grey from Hope and Glory

The leaves of this tea have a lovely refreshing fragrance even before steeping. I steeped it just after boiling, as per the steeping info. I used about 5 grams for about 10 oz. of water. I steeped it in one of my wire mesh ball infusers, but next time I’d plan to use my fine-weave steeping basket because some of the leaves are fine enough that a few leaf particles escaped through the mesh. (I’m not sure if this is normal for this tea or if my sample just got squished in the mail, though.) I really enjoyed the balanced Read More