Molasses Spice Cookie Honeybush fromm 52Teas. . .

I used this tea as an experimental “guinea pig” in an attempt to figure out if this article was true. For those of you who are busy today, the upshot of the article was that the “scientific” best way to make tea is to microwave it. I made this tea a few weeks ago (traditionally), and forgot to review it. But I have a pretty good memory of how it was. So I decided to drop the tea into my gravity steeper and zap the whole shebang for a minute and a half. The result: weak tea that wasn’t even Read More


White Chocolate Samoa by The NecessiTeas

Yay, a white chocolate coconut tea! With caramel! And it’s caffeine free, so it’s great as a nightcap. I approximated the steeping instructions for this tea, noticing as I did so that there’s plenty of coconut visible in the dry tea. It has a sweet creamy smell even when dry. Once the tea is steeped, it turns out to be about the color of apple cider, but a bit darker. It has a light, pleasant flavor and fragrance from the very first sip. I found it to have a creamy flavor and aftertaste (presumably from the coconut).  As the description Read More


#FanaticFriday: Peach Cheesecake Honeybush from 52Teas

I’m a huge fan of 52Teas. Always have been. So I thought I would take over SororiTea Sisters today and chat about a few new offerings from 52Teas! Today I was just craving a dessert tea and I have to say this one hit the spot perfectly for me! 52Teas creates an amazing line of dessert teas that satisfy any sweet tooth. With the leaves starting to fall and almost at the end of September, I was craving a tea that had a fall touch and a dessert feel. Peach Cheesecake Honeybush has a lovely gathering of fall like spices Read More