Warm Fuzzy – Hand-blended tea from PaperBoxGoodies

Today’s blend, Warm Fuzzy, comes from Etsy shop PaperBoxGoodies. This teabag came with a cute tag and tea charm, helping remind me that each bag is hand-filled by the small Etsy shop.

Warm Fuzzy lives up to its name,  With fuzzy chamomile blossoms and green tea, this is a cozy, relaxing blend.  The grassy green notes pair easily with the floral, lemony chamomile.  For a tea with blend of herbal ingredients, this was gentle and sweet, definitely not bitter or medicine-like.  I think this blend is best with touch of honey to bring out the natural sweetness in the chamomile. I prefer teas with a bit more spice or boldness, but this is a kind, comforting brew for when you need to calm down and drink something nice-and-easy.

I don’t see Warm Fuzzy in stock on PaperBoxGoodies’ Etsy shop, but there are other intriguing flavors with names like Purple Snozberry, Bluesfest Green, or Passionmint Green.  After the quality of Warm Fuzzy, I look forward to trying other blends from PaperBoxGoodies.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: PaperBoxGoodies
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Honey Pear Tea by Nelson’s Tea

Following steeping recommendations, I steeped 1 tsp of this with about a cup of water at approximately 195-200 degrees F for 3 minutes.

My first thought was that this tea smells like bee pollen, although I don’t actually have all that much experience with bee pollen, lol. But when I looked up the ingredients I discovered that bee pollen is actually one of them so I guess I was right!

It steeps up a nice golden/amber color, but interestingly cloudy. Instead of a clear amber like many teas are, it had lots of tiny specks like golden dust floating around in the depths. (That would be from the bee pollen, I guess. It’s a great special effect.) The fragrance is probably also courtesy of the bee pollen, so if you know what that smells like, just imagine that. At any rate, it doesn’t smell much like black tea when steeped (or before steeping either).

The first taste is mostly of pollen-ish honey flavor. It’s got a hint of pear but not a lot of conventional “fruity” taste. It doesn’t taste overly sweet either; I mean, it’s a bit sweet but not as sweet as I expected from something honey-flavored. It also doesn’t have an overpowering black-tea flavor.

After trying it plain I added sugar, about a teaspoon, and now it’s way too sweet for my taste. It definitely tastes of honey rather than sugar though, which is interesting given that I just put a bunch of sugar in. So then I added some milk to balance it back out again and now I’m finally catching a hint of the “black tea” flavor; still, though, it mostly just tastes of warm honey-milk and a slight fruity depth from the pear (which is quite nice but not very conspicuous; you don’t really notice it unless you’re trying).  It’s very warm and comforting and great for rainy afternoons.

So I’d say overall my impression of this tea is that it’s quite subtle (other than the cool dissolving-pollen bit). There’s a lot to appreciate if you’re willing to take your time with it. I’m thinking of steeping it up more strongly next time to see if I like it better that way or not.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Nelson’s Tea

Just like biting into a sweet, succulent pear, this tea is sure to please.  Enjoy it hot or iced!

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Taiwan Honey Black Tea by T-Oolongtea

I couldn’t find any instructions for steeping this tea, even on the internet (which seems to be the story of my life lately. I’d get frustrated if it weren’t so funny, and also a chance to have fun experimenting!)

So I used two heaping teaspoons and about a cup of water that was a little below boiling temp, and steeped it for a few minutes until it looked good to drink! The liquid turned out a bit amber-ish but a bit on the brown/orange side. It gave off aromas of malt and sweet potato (Sweet potato is one of my favorite black tea flavors, so yay!). I definitely detected some floral notes too.

Next came the first taste. This tea is sweet and totally not bitter (although I can imagine it might become bitter if steeped hotter for longer, so maybe I got lucky and found the right steeping specifications). It’s also somewhat astringent, although I think the astringency is a bit below average for a black tea. Not that that’s a bad thing, of course.
The sweetness does actually taste a bit like it’s been sweetened with honey. And it’s slightly viscous (just a little thicker than water), which lends to the illusion of honey as well. It both smells and tastes so sweet that I decided no sugar was needed and simply added milk. I found that the flavors of this tea set off the creaminess of milk quite well and maybe even enhance it.
Overall this was a very enjoyable cup for my afternoon teatime (okay so I don’t have a designated teatime but I DO like to drink tea in the afternoons) and I’d enjoy drinking it again sometime!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: T-Oolong Tea

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Catnap from Aka Tea

I misread the name of this tea at first, and thought it said “Catnip.” Turns out I wasn’t far wrong, because this blend does actually contain catnip. It’s even more fitting when you consider that the company logo, and indeed the majority of their blends, are cat themed.

Catnap is purportedly a relaxing blend, containing chamomile, mint, lemon verbena, lemon balm…and catnip. In my head, catnip isn’t something I typically associate with relaxation – it conjures images of bright-eyed, mischief-making kittens. Maybe in humans the effects are different.

Noticeable amongst the dry leaf are small whole chamomile flowers, pieces of lemongrass, cinnamon chips, bright blue cornflowers, and finely shredded mint (and, assumedly, catnip) leaves. I gave 1 tsp of leaf 4 minutes in boiling water, no additions. The resulting liquor is a bright yellow-orange, the scent generically herbal with an edge of sweet mint.

To taste, it’s a little danker than I was expecting, more a dark, sludgy herbal than a bright, clean, refreshing one. Mint is the main flavour – there’s the characteristic cooling peppermint, the sweeter edge of spearmint, and then a borderline vegetal flavour that I’m assuming is the catnip. I’m putting it with the mints because that’s how it comes across to me – minty, but with a definite swampiness about it. Underneath all of those runs the cinnamon, adding a warming spiciness. I’m not sure that it pairs 100% successfully with mint, though. It’s not a flavour combination I’ve come across many times before, and I’m pretty sure there’s a reason for that…

The lemon emerges in the mid-sip, and lifts what could have been a fairly uninspiring cup into brighter territory. The lemongrass adds another layer of sweetness, combining hay-like notes with a light citrus, and the lemon verbena and lemon balm also help to heighten this impression. The chamomile makes itself known at the end of the sip, with its typical thick honey notes. It pairs well with the lemongrass, and moves this blend more firmly into “relaxing tea” territory.

To me, this is a tea of two halves. The initial sip is very heavy on the mint and cinnamon, but that fades pretty quickly and is replaced by the citrus-honey flavours that seem to develop further as it cools. It’s certainly a unique blend, but I’m not sure it’s one I’d seek out especially frequently, primarily because I find the flavour combinations a little too jarring.

Having said that, this is an interesting caffeine-free option, and it’s different from most other “relaxing” blends I’ve tried. If you’re looking for something a little unusual to brighten up your evening tea drinking, this could well be the blend for you. Cat lovers may well award extra points also!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Aka Tea


CatNap, anyone? Sometimes that’s just what the doc ordered. Catnip is not just for cats. It has been known to help humans relax, relieve headaches, and calm the nerves. Curl up with a cup and “cat”ch some z’s.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Elevating Your Tea Game with Apple Cinnamon Apiterra Honey

I am one of those tea drinkers that on occasion will add a dab or two of honey into my tea.  Typically the tea really has to scream for some sweetness before I add it. I will say though that I adore eating a biscuit with honey on it while drinking my morning tea. It’s become quite a ritual. And I have to say, it all started when I first had Apiterra Honey.

In my childhood, we never ate anything plain. There was always jelly, jams, or honey to enjoy. My dad and I used to devour crackers by the sleeve with all these fun concoctions on them. Honey was always our favorite. So the other weekend, I thought my dad and I could recreate this fun experience and have a tea party.

We set ourselves up right with a gorgeous pot of tea, biscuits, and Apiterra Honey’s Apple Cinnamon Honey, along with some pumpkin butter that my dad covets and squirrels away.    Never having a flavored raw honey before, I wasn’t sure to expect but I have to say, I’m hooked!

This honey has a chunkier consistency that adds a gorgeous texture to every bite.  Paired with the flaky buttermilk biscuit, you could really pick up the sweet apple notes with the contrasting cinnamon spice. Each flavor was represented wonderfully. Every bite was as addicting and good as the last. We couldn’t stop eating and even found ourselves just eating the honey straight out of the jar!

With flavors like these, this honey is going to go well with the cooler fall temperatures to create that perfect fall atmosphere in the upcoming weeks.  We really enjoyed this honey and my dad even tried to steal the jar from me!  A simple yet wonderful way to elevate your tea game even if its just for yourself!

Here’s the scoop!

Tea Component:  Raw Honey
Where to Buy: Apiterra Honey


Welcome to Apiterra, the first artisan company in the US to produce all-natural, RAW HONEY-based SUPERFOODS. We love honey and we know you’ll fall in love too after tasting our incredibly delicious, healthy and unique product.

We start each small batch by hand-pouring our pure, raw honey and adding only the highest quality, 100% sun-dried fruits and spices. We handpick the most nutritious and powerful Superfoods to achieve maximum health benefits and extraordinary taste in each of our unique and delicious honey blends.

Raw honey, APPLE, and CINNAMON are the perfect combination of delicious, nutritious, and heartwarming. We’ve all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but did you know that apples have zero fat or cholesterol? Add in cinnamon, which provides a guilt-free energy perk for your blood sugar and our amazing raw honey, and this perfect autumn snack will transport you to cozy and mindful times, no matter when you eat it.

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