Matcha Honey & Lemon/Tipson

Recently, the SororiTea Sisters received an incredibly generous box with quite a variety of different Tipson teas.  Tipson is not a tea brand I’m familiar with but was intrigued by the different varieties they offered- all in tea bag form.

The first one that caught my eye was their Matcha Honey & Lemon variety.  I’ve had matcha before in a tea bag form and was not crazy about how the flavors came around so I was intrigued if this take on a bagged matcha would be different.  This particular variety not only had organic matcha, but also had organic green tea and lemongrass with natural lemon and honey flavors listed.  Again, interesting combo but wasn’t 100% sure those flavors would mingle well.

So this morning I prepped my tea up with freshly boiled water and allowed the tea to steep for the recommended 3 minutes.  First sip in- I was surprised.  The flavors weren’t what I was expecting.  The first flavor that comes across is the green tea and lemon notes and I have to say, the flavor was pleasant.  The honey flavor comes in towards the middle of the sip and it isn’t my favorite take on honey.  The flavor reminded me more of a cough drop than actual honey flavors but I know that honey flavors are sometimes hard to pin point.  At the end of the sip you get the slightest hint of matcha.

To try to pull out the matcha flavors, I tried making this tea as a cold brew tea and the flavors were about the same as hot brewing.  Overall, this tea exceeded my previous experiences with bagged matcha and I can see having this tea on hand for those days where brewing loose leaf may just not be in the cards.  Not an everyday drinker but one that I could easily sip on during the day and for sure has me intrigued to check out other teas from Tipson.

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Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Tipson Tea


ORGANIC MATCHA WITH HONEY & LEMON – Organic Matcha, Organic Green tea, Organic Lemongrass and natural lemon and honey are complimenting ingredients, which will add long term benefits to your overall wellbeing. This sought-after Organic Matcha tea has been joyfully combined with the other ingredients to elevate its quality and nutrients. Brimming with anti-oxidants, minerals, EGCG and vitamins, this Organic Matcha tea is a perfectly healthy start to your day.

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True Honey Teas Green . . . .

Today my husband asked me for a no nonsense not fru fru simple drinking tea and I knew exactly which tea to brew up for him.

True Honey Teas offer tea drinkers a tea and honey combination in every sip of their teas.  In both their K Cups and bagged teas, honey along with sugar has been added in one for or another.  And when I say sugar I mean sugar.  Not stevia or or any other sweetener. But pure sugar.  My husband was quite excited about that fact.

Brewed up with water at around 190F and allowed to steep for 3 minutes, this tea yields a very delicious yet very sweet brew.  The honey comes across right away and the green tea base provides that perfect contrast to the sweet honey giving the tea this very satisfying sip each and every time.

I will admit, the honey/sugar is a bit much for me and I find myself only able to drink a cup here or there.  I rarely add any sugar or honey to my teas, but the rest of my house devoured this tea after I brewed up a few cuppas.  Like DEVOURED it to the point where they are asking me for more.  They even asked me to throw a few tea bags into a pitcher to make a batch of sweet iced green tea.  Something that I think even I could get on board with.

All in all a great cuppa for sure just one I don’t think I could see as a daily drinker for me personally.  This tea blend is simple and to the point.  Green Tea sweetened with honey and sugar.  Honestly, a great combination for any tea drinker! My family has deemed this tea blend a winner!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  True Honey Teas

24 Green Tea Bags With All-Natural Honey Granules

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Steamed Honey Green from Embrew. . . . .

When I was originally taking pictures of the blend (I took it out of the satchel), I was very confused as to what the yellow granules were. I looked it up and found out that it was granulated honey! I’ve never granulated honey before. Also, what a neat concept to have the honey already in the blend. I really enjoy that the company had the predetermined sweetness factored in.

After brewing the blend, there was a grassy aroma from wet leaves. The liquor was very smooth and had a nice subtle grassy flavour with a hint of honey sweetness.

Since there is honey in the blend, it is important to stir the liquor every so often, because it will settle at the bottom if left un-stirred. I really enjoyed this one and I think that it would be great for late afternoons.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  Embrew

This is a steamed green tea which gives a smooth, velvety texture with a soft aftertaste and little bitterness. We’ve blended it with a rich granulated honey.

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Honey Mead from A Quarter to Tea. . . . .

I have had one other flavored genmaicha blend from A Quarter to Tea and I was not a fan. Now that I think about it, my dislike was probably due to improper steeping on my end but nonetheless, the memory had me wary of buying another flavored genmaicha offering. However, when I see flavored genmaichas I feel compelled to buy them anyways, plus the honey in the title was just calling to me. Consequently I bought a mere sample size and now I am kicking myself for not getting more because this is ah.may.zing!

I should mention I have never actually had mead so I can’t speak to whether this tastes reminiscent of its namesake or not but I can say there is a whole lot of honey here and I am loving it. It is sweet and flavorful without being cloying or over-the-top. A lot of that is probably due to the roastiness of the rice toning down the sweetness of the flavoring. Add to that an almost citrusy brightness that is coming from what I imagine is supposed to be the mead element that creates yet another layer of flavor in the mix. I also like that the base is present enough to be detected but neither grassy nor vegetal. It is more like a mellow hay note that meshes seamlessly with the other components.

There’s a lot to keep me interested but nothing that is so powerful that I could grow tired of it after a few cups. So ultimately I was expecting the worst and was instead pleasantly surprised by a tea I could see myself enjoying again and again without getting bored. And that to me is the sign of a pretty great tea!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy:  A Quarter To Tea

Sencha and toasted rice make a toasty and sweet base for apple, buttered rum and honey flavors (which are accented further with honeysuckle). Comforting and revitalizing.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Easy Bein’ Green from Paper Box Goodies

EasyBeinGreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Paper Box Goodies

Tea Description:

This Sencha blend is nice and mild, with that vegetal taste green teas are known for. Lemon balm, lemon peel, and orange peel jazz this green tea up into a great iced or hot tea. Seep for 2 minutes.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I really like the Paper Box Goodies tea.  They are no fuss no nonsense sort of teas.  They are all bagged teas but they are done very well.

This particular blend is a green tea.  A crisp fresh green tea with a honey and slight citrus twist.  I steeped this up like I would any traditional green tea with the help of my Breville One Touch.  I love using my Breville to prep the water.  that way there is no guessing on the correct temperature.

So with a name like Easy Bein’ Green, I instantly think Kermit.  Such fond memories of watching The Muppet’s when I was a kid and still to this day I enjoy them.  I’m so excited for the new Muppet’s series to come out.  Gonzo and the Swedish Chef were my favorites.  I loved how the Swedish Chef mumbled everything and threw everything around. Such great memories. And all from a name of a tea.

Like I noted before, this green tea was fantastic.  I drank this iced and hot and I actually think I prefer this hot.  The green buttery richness was on target with want I wanted and there was such a nice honey background.  The citrus twist would come and go but brought a bit of a different feel to the tea, giving a uniqueness to it. I’m not sure I got orange from the tea like the description would suggest but just an overall citrus note.

I honestly can say that after the cuppa was empty, I promptly refilled with more water and had myself another cuppa.  This tea was good. Spot on.  And just all around perfect for what I was wanting.  Paper Box Goodies excels at providing their customers with no mess teas, something I’m in need of right now.