Jasmint from Chash Tea . . . . .

When the weather gets warmer, I feel a resurgence of my love for all things minty and cool.  Iced mint tea on a hot day helps me cool down and refresh like nothing else.  After getting a taste of Jasmint from Chash Tea, I’ll have to add this blend to the rotation.

This tea came to me in well-designed little package, and when I looked it up online, the Chash website is equally enticing.  The stylish package makes me feel extra classy when I brew up my tea.

The dry leaf of this tea is everything you want in a minty tea, fragrant and cool and crisp, as popping and fresh as mint right from the herb garden.  When brewed, this tea shows off its other ingredients, with a dominant bloom of jasmine, and a nutty, barky undertone from the tea leaves. The spearmint is at the back of each sip: minty and slightly creamy, with a touch of vanilla.  I always find that peppermint is a little too harsh on its own, and it needs the softer creaminess of spearmint to help balance it out.  The sweet-mint taste of spearmint in this blend is no exception.

My go-to summer mint tea has always been some variety of Moroccan Mint with peppermint and black or Darjeeling tea blended together.  Jasmint is a lovely departure from this usual mix.  The flowery jasmine and creamy mint are a great combination of both floral and cool.  This tea feels like the ideal summer night, with open windows blowing in cool air with the fragrance of garden blossoms.

Stay cool and classy this summer with a cup of Jasmint from Chash Tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: Chash Tea

When blending we occasionally find one so obvious we can’t quite believe we didn’t think to blend it earlier! One afternoon it occurred to the team that Jasmine might support Spearmint and Peppermint.  Counter-intuitive? Very much s0!  The rest is history!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

The Brew Is Out There by Geeky Teas

Hello Tea Friends!

I’m guilty of sometimes picking a tea for it’s name and that pretty much describes why I’ve gone for this blend. In the 90’s I was a huge X Files fan and I would faithfully watch every episode when it aired. It was one of the only tv shows that me and my mother both liked so we would spend the time together watching it and I have some wonderful memories. Not to mention some of the gripping, jaw dropping story lines in the show that left me awe inspired. When you’re young the likes of camouflage monsters and brain eating aliens are enough to cause playground chatter. If you’re not an X Files fan or have no idea what this tea has to do with it then let me clarify – The Truth Is Out There was a common slogan used on the show. That same slogan has since been featured on UFO posters and various other merchandise.

This tea is a blend of Green tea with vanilla, orange peel, natural lemon and orange flavour and sunflower petals. At least that is what the website says. So as I open my sample and give it a sniff I can smell an uplifting lemongrass, citrus scent with a creamy vanilla undertone. Looking at the blend it’s loosely chopped with some fine pieces of green tea and notable sunflower petals. In my sample I cannot find any orange pieces that are shown in the picture on the website but I must stress this is a small sample so that’s probably why.

Steeping Parameters: 4g loose leaf, 600ml teapot, 80C water temperature for 2 minutes. Ps. Also using my Ghostbusters mug.

Once steeped the resulting tea liquid is honey in colour and bares a sweet and creamy citrus scent.

The first few sips reveal a toasted grass base with a wave of creamy vanilla and a burst of fragrant lemongrass and citrus. It’s like a fire, once lit it burns brightly and gets more intense until it finally dies out. That is pretty much the strength and character of this blend at first. The tea plants the green tea base before becoming creamy and stronger which leads to a refreshing citrus before it all dies down into a distant memory. I like the combination of citrus and vanilla, it sounds rather odd but it does go very well together. Instead of the citrus being too sharp or sour the vanilla softens and sweetens it, to create a very relaxing blend. I also like that the green tea (which I believe to be Chinese Sencha from it’s appearance) comes through in the blend so that the flavours don’t dominate it completely. It’s also not too strong considering the small, broken down leaf pieces from the green tea (which is why I gave it a 2 minute steep ie smaller leaves usually means shorter steep).

Half way down the mug (with memories of Mulder *swoon* and the X Files theme tune in my head) the citrus has become a little stronger, which could be because it’s also cooled slightly; to a more waxy taste. Also the vanilla has become more neutral whilst the green tea leaves a slight dryness on the tongue with each additional sip. But my mouth is perfumed with the melody of citrus.

I enjoyed this blend. The mix of citrus and vanilla actually match Mulder and Scully in the show. Mulder is vanilla with his sweet yet smooth charm and Scully is citrus with it’s powerful, refreshing and clear essence. The two work well together and each balance the other, citrus stops vanilla from being too sweet and vanilla stops citrus from being too sour. The green tea adds depth and the overall blend leaves a wonderful, perfumed, I said it was perfumed which is because of the dryness and it’s overall strength, but in reality it tasted natural rather than synthetic. I also want to add that this has given me a little energy boost as well.

It’s inspired me to have a re-watch after all of these years, I will have to break out the X Files box sets. For now at least I can have faith, for The Brew Is Out There!

Until next time, Happy Steeping!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea Blend
Where to Buy: Geeky Teas


Green tea with vanilla, orange peels, natural lemon and orange flavor and sunflower petals, goes great with honey from hybridized bees. Brews up a lovely green color.

I want to believe!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Green Guava from Simpson and Vail

CuppaGeek’s Review:

Simpson & Vail is one of my favorite tea companies to review. The crew is passionate and incredibly in tune to what the tea community wants and needs. They provide amazing customer service and deliver fresh teas with flavors that are crisp and bright.

Green Guava is one of their “summer” blends that they have been featuring.  Vibrant sweet tropical notes are what I’m picking up from the pouch. The tea itself gives you such a summer feel. I love how the bright colors pop against the green tea base.

Allowed to cool for just a few moments and I was greeted with flavors that are recommencement of a sweet jam you would pick up at your local farmer’s market. Fresh sweet with a tiny twinge of tartness.  Buttery green tea base brings out a wonderful balance and completes each sip with such a full bodied feel.  To bring out the tropical feel I really wish there was almost a hint of pineapple or mango thrown into the mix.  There is almost a note of a flavor that is missing.

All in all, this flavored green tea is really nice. Subtle, gentle, and not in your face.  One that could bring a soothing tone to a hectic day or even as an afternoon tea.

If you haven’t checked out the fabulous line of teas at Simpson and Vail- please do! I’m sure you’ll find at least five teas that will instantly hop into your cart.


What do learn more about this tea?

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Simpson & Vail

Tea Description:

A wonderful afternoon tea! This fabulous blend of delicious fruits is melded with colorful herbs and our delicate White Monkey tea. The pale ecru cup emits a scrumptious fruity taste that is certain to please.

Learn even more about this tea here.

Banana Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: 52Teas

Tea Description:

From the 52Teas site:  I’ve never had a banana Marshmallow Treat – I don’t even know if such a thing exists. A quick google search yielded no results that appeared like banana marshmallow treat squares but I’ll admit that I really didn’t look very earnestly for it, mostly because I would think that the banana would be too slick and slippery and wouldn’t stick to the marshmallow which binds the crispy rice cereal together. I would think that banana would really mess up the chemistry that goes into the crafting of a marshmallow treat. 

Then again, since I’ve never actually had one (and thus, I’ve never tried making one) I don’t know for certain. Perhaps it could be made with freeze-dried bananas (like the ones that I put in this tea blend) without much trouble. 

Anyway, that lengthy introduction is my way of saying that this tea wasn’t inspired by something I’ve actually tried but something I’d love to try should I ever be so fortunate to find such a confection. What inspired me is my appreciation for fresh, sliced bananas atop my crispy rice cereal. One day while eating a bowl of cereal, I thought, wouldn’t a banana flavored crispy rice treat be awesome? At some point very soon after that, my thoughts turned to tea (as they often do) and I decided that I MUST create a Banana Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha.

And so I did!  I started with my organic matcha infused genmaicha and added marshmallow root and freeze dried bananas. It’s a cuppa yum!

Taster size is approximately 15g.

organic ingredients:  green teas, toasted rice, freeze-dried bananas, marshmallow root and natural flavors.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

52Teas has done it again! I mean where else can you find a banana marshmallow treat genmaicha based tea? This blend is exactly why I love 52Teas so much. Fresh fun flavors that you honestly can not get anywhere else.

Unique blended with green tea, toasted rice, banana bits, marshmallow root and other flavors, this tea smells like banana pudding right out of the pouch. I instantly started drooling. I couldn’t wait to brew this tea up and enjoy this treat!

Brewed up by the recommendations on the pouch, I found myself staring at the infuser, willing the tea to steep faster. Finally, the brew was ready and I allowed the tea to sit for a few moments to cool.

A lovely pale yellow liquor sat in front of me, smelling of toasted goodness and bananas. My first sip was this gorgeous toasted genmaicha flavor.  The banana flavor was subtle and not as smack in your face as I thought it would be.

Second infusion and still the toasted genmaicha seemed to be the dominating flavor.  The banana notes were there and seemed to be a bit stronger, just not as dominating as I would have hoped. So I went for a third infusion.  VIOLA! There it was. A brilliant banana flavor that tasted fresh with hints of a toasted marshmallow.  Exactly what I was looking for.  The perfect combo of a fruity toasted flavor.

After taking a look at my infuser, I realized I probably hadn’t shaken up the bag properly when scooping out the tea. Totally my bad.  Regardless, I’ve been incredibly happy since the first sip of this tea.  I mean c’mon. . .Banana Marshmallow Treat? So uniquely original! Gotta love that!

Kudos 52Teas for another amazingly unique blend.  I would tell everyone to rush out and get this blend before it is sold out, but I’m emailing 52Teas now to see if my wallet can handle gobbling up the remaining inventory!

Pomegranate Green Tea from Solstice Tea Traders

PomGreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green Tea

Where to Buy: Solstice Tea Traders 

Tea Description:

Solstice Tea Traders Pomegranate Loose Leaf Green Tea is an amazing tea that lends itself well to hot or iced applications, and is a perfect option for summer afternoons, or cold mornings.Enjoy our pomegranate tea packed in large one pound bags, an amazing way to enjoy green tea, with a little extra flavor, without having to add a lot of sugar.

Learn more about this tea here. 

Taster’s Review:

Ever stumble upon a tea that just completely makes you say “What?!?”  This tea did that to me.

I review products for companies on Amazon all the time. Besides my blog and doing tea reviews for SororiTea Sisters, it is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.  Whenever I see tea up for grabs needing a review, I always get giddy and hope I make the cut.

So when this tea arrived in its giant 16oz package (yes, 1 lb!) I wasn’t sure what I would be in for except that I have a pound of this tea.  I opened the enormous tea pouch up and was hit with this lovely fragrance mix of green tea, pomegranate, and a sweet rose bud floral undertone.  I was incredibly impressed.  The tea leaves didn’t’ appear to be crushed but lovely and with a lot of substance. I couldn’t wait to try this tea.

Brewed up like a green tea and allowed to steep for about 4 minutes, this tea yields an amazing flavor.  Lovely rich buttery green tea notes with a jammy pomegranate flavor and a sweetness from the rose buds that really bring this tea to another notch.  There is just a slight hint of a tartness from the pomegranate but it is very very slight.  Everything is just so smooth and all the flavors are right where they need to be. (I have a feeling I’ll be drinking this tea all day).

The jammy notes are what get me the most and I can say that this tea has me hooked. I’ve already got a pitcher going for a cold brew for this week and I’m planning on making some iced tea as well for the day.  I’m on my third cup from the same infusion and the flavors are still giving me so much love.

This is one of those teas that proves you can’t judge a book (or tea) by its cover. This tea is amazingly priced for what you get and I can’t wait to try and check out the other teas I have coming.  Highly recommend this tea for a flavored green tea that bursts with flavor. I’m absolutely serving this at my sister in law’s baby shower in a few weeks. It is really that good and one that everybody would enjoy. The flavors are bright enough to give flavor but not so overwhelming that you can’t taste the green tea base. One of those teas you just have to share!