The Brew Is Out There by Geeky Teas

Hello Tea Friends! I’m guilty of sometimes picking a tea for it’s name and that pretty much describes why I’ve gone for this blend. In the 90’s I was a huge X Files fan and I would faithfully watch every episode when it aired. It was one of the only tv shows that me and my mother both liked so we would spend the time together watching it and I have some wonderful memories. Not to mention some of the gripping, jaw dropping story lines in the show that left me awe inspired. When you’re young the likes of camouflage monsters Read More


Green Guava from Simpson and Vail

CuppaGeek’s Review: Simpson & Vail is one of my favorite tea companies to review. The crew is passionate and incredibly in tune to what the tea community wants and needs. They provide amazing customer service and deliver fresh teas with flavors that are crisp and bright. Green Guava is one of their “summer” blends that they have been featuring.  Vibrant sweet tropical notes are what I’m picking up from the pouch. The tea itself gives you such a summer feel. I love how the bright colors pop against the green tea base. Allowed to cool for just a few moments and Read More


Banana Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha from 52Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy: 52Teas Tea Description: From the 52Teas site:  I’ve never had a banana Marshmallow Treat – I don’t even know if such a thing exists. A quick google search yielded no results that appeared like banana marshmallow treat squares but I’ll admit that I really didn’t look very earnestly for it, mostly because I would think that the banana would be too slick and slippery and wouldn’t stick to the marshmallow which binds the crispy rice cereal together. I would think that banana would really mess up the chemistry that goes into the crafting Read More


Pomegranate Green Tea from Solstice Tea Traders

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Tea Where to Buy: Solstice Tea Traders  Tea Description: Solstice Tea Traders Pomegranate Loose Leaf Green Tea is an amazing tea that lends itself well to hot or iced applications, and is a perfect option for summer afternoons, or cold mornings.Enjoy our pomegranate tea packed in large one pound bags, an amazing way to enjoy green tea, with a little extra flavor, without having to add a lot of sugar. Learn more about this tea here.  Taster’s Review: Ever stumble upon a tea that just completely makes you say “What?!?”  This tea did that to me. I Read More


Blueberry Scone Green Tea from 52Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy: 52Teas Tea Description: Organic ingredients:  green tea, freeze-dried blueberries, nutmeg and natural flavors  Learn more about other green teas here. Taster’s Review: Ever have a day where you needed your tea to lift you up? That is my day today. Everything just seems to be blah around here so I wanted something that had a bit of a pep in its step to bring some sunshine into my day. So I grabbed this one. To start, I just love the base for green teas that 52Teas uses. It is light but still has a Read More