Focus Vanilla Mint from Sportland Tea Co. . . .

This company has caught my eye before so I was very excited to finally try one of their teas. This company has blends geared towards athletes. I am an athlete I play volleyball regularly and am very active in general and I love tea so my interest is definitely peaked. This blend is called a Focus Blend since with the caffeine it would help you focus more. This blend is very simple with matcha, yerba mate, peppermint and vanilla. The smell surprisingly light not overly peppermint. It has a nice fresh smell, lightly grassy from the matcha. Once brewed the Read More


Barista’s Matcha Tea from My Matcha Life #VeganMoFo2016

Today’s prompt for Vegan MoFo 2016 is “If an alien showed up on your door step, what would you feed them?” I feel like I would whip up a wonderful matcha latte for several reasons. 1- The general look of an alien is that they are green and matcha is a fine ground green tea. And 2- Matcha’s are typically vegetal in flavor and for some reason I want to think that the alien that would show up at my door would be one that would have a similiar lifestyle as my vegan one! I don’t live in a big Read More