sparta natura

Greek Mountain Tea by Sparta Natura. . . .

Steeping specs: about 3 g in about 8 ounces of water at about 212° for about four minutes The first thing I noticed when steeping this tea or trying to rather is that it’s kind of hard to fit all of the leaves and stems into the amount of water I have available. The tea turned out tasting pretty good though, so I don’t think I used more leaves than I’m supposed to. I guess I could be wrong about that. It has a distinctly herbal fragrance even while steeping that’s almost a little bit like licorice or anise. The water turns Read More


Greek Mountain Tea from Klio. . . .

Trying to figure out what to do with Greek Mountain tea is a research adventure from the get-go. It’s not your average “tea” where you take your tea scoop, grab some, and toss it into a steeper for however long. There’s a process. You have to get, basically, a handful, boil it a bit, then let it steep. There are videos online that will help you figure out the amount. Think of yourself as Indiana Jones, discovering new territory and learning about history. The tea looks a little sketchy to carry around in a Ziploc bag.  There are flowers and Read More

sparta natura

Sparta Natura. . A Greek Mountain Tea. . . .

One of the aspects of tea that I just love is the never ending learning process that involves all things about tea. There is always a new tea just around the corner that I haven’t tried or even knew about. Greek Mountain Tea falls into these categories.  Greek Mountain Tea is made from the dried flowers, leaves, and steams of the Sideritis plant that is located in the mountainous regions of Greece.  The look of this tea reminds me of something you would find growing wild in an overgrown field, really unique and pretty in its own way. I wasn’t sure Read More


Mountain Bliss Green Tea from Balcony Tea #VeganMoFo2016

Mountain Bliss Green Tea from Balcony Tea is our featured tea of the moment and also a Vegan MoFo tie-in for the day!  Today’s Vegan MoFo Daily Prompt is “How To Make Friends” and/or “What’s Your Go-To Meal”.   I would say that Mountain Bliss Green Tea from Balcony Tea is one of those go-to teas to share with friends!  Here at SororiTea Sisters we have tea friends from all over the world and celebrate each country and region for their teas, ingredients, culture, and/or LOVE for tea and tisanes! What’s REALLY interesting with Mountain Bliss Green Tea from Balcony Tea are Read More


Fresh & Fruity from Balcony Tea

Before I begin with the scent and taste of this Fresh & Fruity tea, I want to talk about the packaging!! This tea came in a lovely little brown bag, with an elegant label and a small ‘window’ to see the tea inside. This packaging sets the mood for a delicious cuppa. So, is Fresh & Fruity delicious?? Let’s find out!! When I first opened my bag, there was a lovely scent that reminded me of rosemary, which I realized was Greek Mountain Tea. I have never had this, so the scent took me by surprise. However, the scent turned Read More