Lemon Cakes from The Forest Witch

Lemon Cakes Loose Tea a GoT (Game of Thrones) inspired tea for Sansa’s love for buttery lemon cakes. Being a huge fan of GoT, I had to try it out. Plus green teas are my favorite.  So this was a win win! I was extremely excited to share this tea with my family so the last together we had family dinner, I brewed up a huge pot of this tea.  The tea smelled amazing.  Rich smooth lemony goodness.  But unfortunately, I oversteeped the tea. Shame on me for not setting a timer. So I took the tea leaves, put them Read More


Happily Headless (Custom Blend) from Adagio Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black/Green Where to Buy:  Adagio Tea Description: You’ll lose your head over your loyalty to this kingly brew! Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: WARNING: POTENTIAL GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS (But really this is season one so if you’re not aware of this you might be living under a rock…) I have to say, I’m quite happy I watched enough GoT to understand the character reference here! I’ve really only seen the first two seasons and part of the third. I think the ingredients picked out by this blender are pretty well thought out too; though Read More