Goomtee FTGPOP 1 Muscatel 2nd Flush 2016 Darjeeling from Lochan Tea. . . .

I got in a car accident over the weekend. Just a little fender-bender in a parking lot. My friend and I were A-OK. Just jostled. The car had a dent in it near the driver door that prevented it from opening. I had to climb across the passenger seat to get in or out.

I tell you this to set the scene, because I had to abandon my precious morning gym party with my friends to go to the repair shop. And they only had coffee there, because they’re RUGGED. So I was sitting there, tea-less, tired, while I waited for the Dudely People Who Understand Cars to decree the price, which I would have no way to argue because That’s Not My Thing. ($41 USD, in case you were wondering. Manageable!)

So anyway, by the time I dragged my sad ass into work, I was hankering for something comforting, and I decided this darjeeling would be it.

And I was right.

I love the quirky, slightly-astringent/spicy flavor of a darjeeling, which this definitely is. Darjeeling is like a nurse in crazy scrubs who takes good care of you. It has an offhanded, odd nature, but it knows exactly how to comfort you and handle your situation.

Tired and reeling from a Scary Thing That Happened To You? Pour yourself a nice cuppa that’s vibrantly flavored, like India, and give you the pluck necessary to rise again!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Lochan Tea

Hand Rolled 1st Flush Whole Leaf tea from Goomtee Tea Estate in Darjeeling.

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