Vanilla Mint from Golden Moon. . . .

Vanilla and mint teas are an awesome combination. There are so many options out there and typically they utilize peppermint to mix with a vanilla black tea. Vanilla Mint by Golden Moon Tea is a little different since they use a black/green base with vanilla bean and spearmint. I brewed this as a latte because vanilla mint lattes are awesome. This is no exception. The creaminess of the milk brings out the silky vanilla bean flavor. That makes it the flavor you notice first, though it slowly melts to a clear mint flavor. The mint lingers in the aftertaste and Read More


Honey Pear Black from Golden Moon Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy: Golden Moon Tea Tea Description: Our Honey Pear begins with top-quality black tea. Then we add the sweet flavor of ripe fruit and rich, smooth honey. Reminiscent of a succulent Mid-Eastern dessert treat, this loose leaf tea delivers a full-bodied, amber liquor and a sweet, rich flavor that is delicious hot or iced. Learn more about this tea on Steepster. Taster’s Review: So, this tea is incredibly aromatic – even with my sample in a Ziploc over top of the foil sample pouch I can see smell intense, fragrant notes of pear. It reminds me Read More


Sinharaja from Golden Moon Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Black Where to Buy: Golden Moon Tea Tea Description: For Sinharaja we use rich, dark loose leaf tea leaves that are nourished by fertile rain forest streams in the hills of Ceylon. It has a toasty, molasses-like character with ripe berry notes and a caramelized finish. Serve with a touch of raw sugar and cream for a taste that is smooth, full-bodied and warming. WHY IT’S SPECIAL: A sweet, full bodied Ceylon Tea Natural notes of cocoa and honey with a finish of molasses A personal favorite of our Owner, Marcus Stout Pairs excellently with milk and honey Read More


White Persian Melon from Golden Moon Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type: White Where to Buy: Golden Moon Tea  Tea Description: First in the world to find flavored white tea, Golden Moon Tea presents rare white tea enlivened with the nectar of succulent melon. This luxurious delicacy is light, refreshing and exotic. Ingredients: White Bai Mudan Tea Scented with Sweet Melon Nectar WHY IT’S SPECIAL: ** Persian Melon has a flavor that is a mix between a cantaloupe and a honeydew ** Uses the flavor of the Persian Melon, which is a popular flavor in the Middle East ** Emits a sweet and refreshing aroma of freshly cut melons ** Read More


Nepalese Afternoon Tea from Golden Moon Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  Golden Moon Tea Tea Description: Nepalese Afternoon Tea is grown at the base of Mount Everest in the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. The infused nectar of this tea evokes serene notes of lotus, honey and fragrant sandalwood. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: When I first took a sip of this tea, I was afraid maybe I steeped it wrong or something, because the taste was a little harsh.  But then I sat back, and allowed the tea in my cup to cool for a few moments (about three Read More