Filthy Human Plant Juice from Geeky Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Green Tea

Where to Buy: Geeky Teas

Tea Description:

Green tea, cocoa nibs, natural chocolate mint, and peppermint flavor give us a tea that well, tastes like a thin mint cookie.

Girl Scouts beware! I will fling my pig of greased up squigginess at you!

Now we sing the doom song

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Taster’s Review:

Geeky Teas is one of my favorite tea companies to check out. I love the compassion for all things geeky that they embrace.  They have been busy too with moving to a new location so I haven’t had a chance to chat with Donna in a bit.  I do believe that Filthy Human Plant Juice is one of about 3 or 4 remaining tea samples I have left from Geeky Teas.  Looks like I may need to order more soon. (I mean c’mon- there is a Deadpool Oolong Blend!)

So right off the bat, this tea has a dessert feel to it. The description on Geeky’s Teas says it best-this tea does have a remarkably strong resemblance to Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies. And who doesn’t love a Girl Scout cookie?

Brewed with the packages recommendations-Steep at 180F for 2-3 minutes, I was literally drooling with the idea of this tea. I am not a chocolate fan by any means but I have always loved Thin Mints. Especially after having them frozen in a freezer for a few months and enjoying them on a hot day. There is nothing better!

First sip of this tea and I could see exactly what Geeky Teas was trying to accomplish, but to me, it missed the mark a bit. The green tea has a more vegetal feel than I had hoped. That could be from a oversteep.  I was hoping for more of a buttery silky tone and texture.  The chocolate and peppermint also didn’t quite sit well with me. The flavors didn’t seem to really mingle well together and create the palate refreshing notes I was looking for. This blend just really seemed to want to contrast itself every step of the way. Maybe as a cold brew, this tea would bring out the notes I am looking for.

Even tho this particular blend didn’t sing true with me, there are so many others that do from Geeky Teas. I love the combo of fandom and tea. Just makes my geeky tea gal’s heart happy!



The Cake Is A Lie! from Geeky Teas

CakeLieTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black, Green, Roiboos, Etc.

Where to Buy: Geeky Teas

Tea Description:

Black tea, natural vanilla flavour, candy sprinkles, natural creme flavour and natural caramel flavour.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:


I will admit it right off the bat. I have tried to play Portal and I was absolutely awful at it. To the point where my kiddos were like “It’s ok Mommy, you are good at other things.”  I used to think I was good at video games, guess that just isn’t the case anymore.  In that moment, I knew I was old. (ha!)

Geeky Teas is one of my favorite tea shops.  They produce fun unique handed blended teas that scream with personality and of course I love the idea that they are based on fandoms.  The Cake Is A Lie blend is a mix of black tea, vanilla flavorings, candy sprinkles, creme flavor, and caramel flavor.  Just take a whiff of the dry leaf mix and you can smell each and ever one of those ingredients.  The dry leaf smells simply divine.  One of those teas that you feel like you are gaining weight just by smelling the tea.

Brewed up with freshly prepped boiling water, I allowed this tea to steep for about 4 minutes. I waited a few moments to let the tea cool and took my first sip.  Oh my Goodness! This tea isn’t just good. It’s brilliant! This tea is the king of dessert teas! The black tea is the silent base that is giving the flavors to be the star.  The creme and the caramel are the flavors you really get along with a chocolate note here and there.  The flavors all combined really doesn’t taste like a chocolate cake. I have tried so many different teas that say they taste like cake, this one really does!

This may be the best tea I have tried yet from Geeky Teas. I see a large pouch of this blend in my future!