Jumpin’ Jelly Beans from The NecessiTeas. . . . .

Picture this: it’s Easter. You’re eight years old. You see a big ol’ bowl of jellybeans sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for family members to arrive to celebrate and nosh on. Now picture this: you’re uncomfortable in your Easter dress. You’ve been at church all day. Your kitchen smells delightful, but you have to wait until everyone comes before you can eat anything. You just want A FEW JELLYBEANS, dangit. So you fish out as many of the green beans as you can find, toss them in your Easter hat and sneak away to have a little pre-dinner aperitif. Read More


Hot Mama from Tea and Tins- Take a Look, Sprinkles!!

I’ve never been called one “Hot Mama” before but I felt like one while sipping on Hot Mama by Tea & Tins. Okay…maybe that was a stretch but it made for a good review opening, right? There have been teas I have sipped on that provide that childhood memory of fireballs and Hot Mama from Tea & Tins is very reminiscent of those days and memories. It might not be exactly that hot but it could be put in the same conversation, I suppose. Even tho I didn’t find any cinnamon hearts in the loose leaf mixture that I infused Read More


pssst!……..Who Farted? Tea from Adagio Signature Blends #VeganMoFo 2016

Here at the SororiTEA Sisters a few of us may not be very ‘Lady Like’ so when I saw pssst!……..Who Farted? Tea from Adagio Signature Blends by Jeffrey McWhirter I was a little TOO EXCITED to try it! The product description of this tea – is as follows – When a Pumpkin passes gas it smells like warm orange-pumpkin bread.  This fun blend consist of pumpkin spice, cream black tea with honeybush orange(with apples,orange peels and cranberry accents). Today’s Vegan MoFo prompt is Silly Fun Day! How could I NOT tie in pssst!……..Who Farted? Tea from Adagio Signature Blends by Jeffrey Read More


Bubblegum from The NecessiTeas

Bubblegum Tea from The NecessiTeas was something I just HAD to look into when I saw it! Here at Sororitea Sisters we review A LOT of teas! To date nearly 5,000 teas, actually! And with all of those teas we review we have reviewed our fair share of Earl Grey’s and English Breakfasts but how many people can say they have a library full of Bubblegum Teas they have reviewed? After looking into our past reviews – to make sure I ‘speak the truth’ I was able to find ONE other Bubblegum Tea that we have reviewed and that was Read More


Coconut Flan Genmaicha from 52Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Green Where to Buy: 52Teas Tea Description: Green Tea, Popped Rice, Shredded Coconut, and Natural flavors  This tea is no longer available but learn more about available blends here. Taster’s Review: So today I was finally able to set myself done and try this tea. With having coconut and genmaicha going on with the blend, I thought for sure I would devour this tea. So much so that I ordered an additional taster size for it. I asked a co-worker is she wanted to try the tea with me and she eagerly grabbed her mug and we set to steeping. Read More