Royal Blend from Full Leaf Tea Company.. . . .

I’ve been on a Black Tea and Green Tea Blended base kick the last couple of weeks so I figured I would share another goodie with you…Royal Blend from Full Leaf Tea Company! Royal Blend from Full Leaf Tea Company is described as a tea for a Queen! Dry and to the eye it contains vibrant colors and has a rich aroma that come together to create a beautiful loose leaf tea with a sweet floral flavor. Ingredients include Black tea, green tea, lavender flowers, rose petals, and vanilla. Both look and taste like “royalty”…their words, not mine…but I can’t Read More


Organic Mint Cocoa Pu-Erh from Full Leaf Tea Company. . . . .

Organic Mint Cocoa Pu-Erh from Full Leaf Tea Company is pretty impressive! I’ll just come right out and say it! It’s impressive because it’s a delightfully done flavored Pu-Erh which can sometimes go well or go terribly wrong. Thankfully in this case Organic Mint Cocoa Pu-Erh from Full Leaf Tea Company was a tasty winner! I always like to give THUMBS UP to the organic teas but one that is cocoa AND mint flavored? Yes, please! It has just the right amount of BOTH cocoa AND mint! The mint they used in this was spearmint. Great choice on the blenders Read More


It’s Time To Get Your Chai On! Organic Masala Chai from Full Leaf Tea Company

Organic Masala Chai from Full Leaf Tea Company was my morning companion recently. I was looking for a straight-up chai. CHECK! Organic? That’s ALWAYS a PLUS! Check!!! Full, plump, and obvious ingredients to the eye? CHECK! I’d say this was a complete SCORE! But how does it TASTE? Let me tell you! Organic Masala Chai from Full Leaf Tea Company uses Certified Organic Black Tea from India mixed with organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, and organic cloves. The traditional ingredients and spices you have come to grow and love in a chai, right? RIGHT! It’s spicy, bold, and slightly Read More


Royal Blend From Full Leaf Tea Co

This is a lovely blend, with leaves of black, gold, and green, tiny rosebuds, and lavender flowers. The dry blend smells lovely and displays beautifully on a leaf holder. Oh, the dilemma of what to do when a tea is a black tea/green tea blend! Boiling water to draw out the flavor and robustness of the black tea or cooler to prevent scalding of the green? Many green teas are hardy and require near boiling water so I compromised a bit and used 200F for three minutes. When I taste it, I am instantly reminded of Christmas. This puzzles me Read More

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Fancy French Breakfast from Full Leaf Tea Co.

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy: Full Leaf Tea Co. Tea Description: A unique blend of extra strong full bodied black teas and sweet vanilla. A great way to start your morning or enjoy throughout the day. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Can you say Vanilla love? This tea has such a natural vanilla sweet aroma to the dry leaf mixture.  The mixture reminded me of one of those high end vanilla candles.  Such a creamy natural vanilla fragrance. I brewed this up with the help of my Breville One Touch on the black setting-medium steeping time. Read More