formosa oolong

Formosa Oolong from Simple Loose Leaf. . . . .

Most oolongs taste like either greens or blacks to me, but this one’s a perfect in-betweener. It’s got that lighter, vegetal green, but throws in a dash of that sexy deep note that I love about black. There are also other notes here, some sort of a plum/raisin sugar-tartness that really kicks it up a notch. If I were going to going to assign this tea an aura color, it would be a warm autumn purple. This is the sort of tea that I would sip while exploring an attic while wearing an oversized woolen sweater. Knowing my luck, that Read More


Fig Formosa Oolong Tea from TeaLeafs

Tea Type: Oolong Tea Where To Buy: TeaLeafs Product Description: Origin: Taiwan Ingredients: Oolong tea, Cornflower, Poppy Flower, Natural flavor A full, whole leaf base with a rich taste of Smyrna figs. Tasters Review: I will remember this one until the day I die!  I LOVE it that much!  It’s truly amazing!  It had me at ‘hello’ and at first sip!  It’s smells Awesome!!!! I cannot express how much I LOVE this tea!   I know that’s redundant but it’s true!  It is a flavored oolong, a flavored Formosa.   It’s WONDERFUL!!! It’s sweet, plump, luscious FIG with natural sugary notes. It’s Read More


Oolong Formosa from Utopia Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Oolong Where to Buy:  Utopia Tea  Tea Description: The name speaks for itself, Formosa meaning “beautiful” tea. Our Oolong Formosa is semi-fermented with copper red leaves and have silver tips. The tea leaves offer hints of vanilla and citrus for a smooth and spicy taste. Oolong Formosa got its name from the Portuguese explorers that called the island, Formosa. Oolong Formosa contains a large amount of natural plant-derived antioxidant compounds called polyphenols that fight off cancer and a variety of diseases. Oolong tea leaves have been proven to protect the body, lower cholesterol, promote healthy blood vessel Read More