Persian Rose from Tay Tea. . . .

Is this tea? Or flowers? Because by the looks of it, I just steeped up a bunch or lovely pink rose petals with maybe a bit of tea. Even when the tea was done steeping and all the color had been drained from the flowers, the bits of tea leaf was few and far between. So, a tea that is mostly flowers…well that isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on how you feel about floral teas. Some people love them, others not so much. Full disclosure…I am on the “not so much” side of this debate. However, as far as Read More


Violette from Dammann Freres. . . . .

I will admit that this wasn’t the first tea that I added to my shopping cart from Dammann Freres. I do like floral teas, but they have to be really special for me to enjoy. Floral teas can either be very nice or they can remind me too much of perfume and cause a headache. I have high hopes that this tea will be tasty. The scent of this tea is of a rather plain black tea base with a hint of flowers and a handful of juicy blackberries. Sipping… this is a bit different than I expected. The black Read More


Morning Pick Me Up from Tocha Teas

I’m a green tea drinker for the most part. When I do drink black tea, it’s usually Chai, or some other spiced/flavored black tea. I guess for the most part I just find plain black tea a little flat and boring. I tried this tea two different ways. One cup was plain, with a little coconut sugar. It’s a lightweight black tea, and the floral notes are very subtle, but they’re there. I actually enjoyed this cup more than I expected, and would drink it that way again. It also has a slight sweetness to it, so I used less Read More


Royal Blend From Full Leaf Tea Co

This is a lovely blend, with leaves of black, gold, and green, tiny rosebuds, and lavender flowers. The dry blend smells lovely and displays beautifully on a leaf holder. Oh, the dilemma of what to do when a tea is a black tea/green tea blend! Boiling water to draw out the flavor and robustness of the black tea or cooler to prevent scalding of the green? Many green teas are hardy and require near boiling water so I compromised a bit and used 200F for three minutes. When I taste it, I am instantly reminded of Christmas. This puzzles me Read More