Earl Grey Le Creme from The NecessiTeas. . . .

Dear Earl of Grey, (I’m just assuming that’s your title. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

I have to be honest with you, dude. Sometimes, you’re awesome. And sometimes– well, you’re just not. You can be fruity and tangy and light and mellow and robust and fragrant and creamy and all sorts of good things– but if you knock that balance off, even by an inch? Well, you can be kinda gross. (Sorry not sorry. My tea-reviewer oath ensures I tell it like it is.)

But this particular iteration of you? Well, you’re kinda dreamy. You’re fruity and bright, but creamy and vanilla-y– you know, the warm, buttery kind of vanilla, not the saccharine-sweet, fake-frosting kind. Mmmm. You take milk and cream well (way to play nicely with others!), and your bergamot and fruitiness isn’t anywhere near overpowering. In fact, I’d say this is one of your finer iterations. I’ve met your other “cream” brothers– they’re not all as well-balanced as this version, friend.

In short, I am a fan of you. I’m sure you’re very busy Earl-ing it up somewhere (you know, being caffeinated and all), but who doesn’t like to hear a nice compliment now and again? And that’s what I’m here to give you. Way to go, Earl Grey Le Crème. You should be pretty proud of yourself.

With sincerest sips, Mary

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  The NecessiTeas

Our Earl Grey Le Creme is a forgiving indulgence essenced with bergamot, vanilla and cream. Go ahead, treat yourself!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Hi there! I’m Mary, a 27-year-old mental health professional living with my fiancé and our quirky kitten in the Midwest! I’ve loved tea for as long as I can remember– in fact, I have vivid memory of being four or five in a tea shop and being mesmerized by all the tea flavors and proclaiming that I “was going to be kind of adult who drank tea, not coffee.” A stint living (and tea-drinking my way through) London and twenty-some years later, I’m still channeling that sassy four-year-old and loving my tea habit. When I’m not sipping a cuppa, you’ll find me reading, doing yoga, traveling, exploring my own city, planning our wedding and experimenting with different healthful and healing foods in my kitchen.