Orange Fluff/The NecessiTeas

This is one of three NecessiTeas I won in an Instagram giveaway about a year back. I was really excited to try it and yet for some reason I have not gotten around to doing so until now.

My plan was to make it hot but the package itself recommended making this iced. So I prepared it both ways, steeping both the hot and iced tea in 175F water for 3 minutes. The iced tea just got poured over ice.

The hot tea, which is not particularly hot anymore, is really quite good. The green tea was fragrant after steeping which made me worried this would taste like grass but my fear was obviously unwarranted because the flavor of the hot tea is more akin to the scent of the dry leaf, which is basically like a delicious creamsicle, except more marshmallow than vanilla. There is just so much bright and candy-like orange flavor mixed with fluffy and sweet marshmallow goodness. I personally haven’t tried an Orange Delight, the inspiration of this tea, but now I know I want to because this is delicious!

The iced tea, on the other hand, is not as much to my tastes. I find the green tea base comes out a lot more at the expense of the marshmallow flavor. Personally, I am not a fan of green tea so for me, this is a step down from the hot cup. The orange flavor still comes through strongly, but without the marshmallow it is more dull and in line with the fruit. So this iced tea is more an orange green tea and the hot tea is more Orange Fluff, a more sweet/candied flavor.

Personally I will be enjoying the rest of my 2 ozs of this tea hot because despite the company recommendations, I think that is the way to go. This is yet another successful NecessiTeas blend that I would recommend and will for sure be sharing with friends. It’s a good one, and I am especially impressed given it is almost a year old and still packs a flavor punch.

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Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  The NecessiTeas


This tea is currently not available but click below for teas that are.

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Blackberry Custard Tart Green Tea/52Teas. . . . .

I have seen a lot of praise for 52 Teas banana flavoring. There is also a lot of amazement over the 52 Teas coconut, which never seems to go bad no matter how old it gets. What you don’t hear a lot about is the 52 Teas blackberry flavor, which is a shame because it is awesome!

I had a cup of 52 Teas’ Blackberry Dumpling tea not too long ago and it was delicious. However, I had only a one-serving sample so after finishing that mug I was left with a blackberry tea void…until I remembered that this tea, Blackberry Custard Tart Green Tea, was part of the most recent 12 Teas of Christmas box.

While green tea is not typically my favorite, I am still smiling as I sip this because, like Blackberry Dumpling, the blackberry flavor is once again the super delicious star of the mug. There is the faintest vegetal note from the base but mostly it highlights the fresh and juicy flavors of the blackberry. I am not getting too much custard or tart but it is there, light and subtle and adding just a twinge of creaminess. Probably also keeping things on the sweeter side.

52 Teas just nails some flavors and blackberry is one of their more underrated skills. This is yet another delicious blackberry beverage, even if it doesn’t quite capture its namesake.

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Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  52Teas


This tea is no longer available but click below for blends that are.

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The Settlement/August Uncommon. . . .

It’s been a while since my last yellow tea so I was super excited to try this one!

The ‘one’ I’m referring to is The Settlement from August Uncommon Tea. Not only am I excited to sip on a yellow tea but I’m exciting about a tea from this company because I haven’t tried many of their teas thus far.

The aroma of the leaves is a combo of sweet, wet wood and brunt molasses. Once the leaves have been infused it smells even more like brunt molasses and paired with a roasted peanut aroma as well.

While I was sipping on this tea the first thing I thought of was roasted peanuts and burnt molasses, too. This offers a really unique aroma, flavor, and tea sipping experience. Even tho it’s been a couple of month since my last new-to-me-yellow-tea I have to say this one stands out for several reasons. It doesn’t taste anything like the others I have had and I say that with full excitement and respect because I am always looking for something different.

At the time I wrote this review I noticed that the company not only slashed their prices – they are offering free shipping in the US, too! So if you haven’t checked out this tea offering or this tea company I would HIGHLY suggest it. The Settlement from August Uncommon Tea. It’s yellow tea from Anhui province grown at 1,000 meters above sea level and pretty darn special!

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Leaf Type:  Yellow

Where to Buy:  August Uncommon


This tea is no longer available but click below for teas that are.

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Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-Erh Tea/Fraser Tea. . . .

This delicious, sweet, creamy goodness is a mix of rich pu’erh tea, cacoa nibs, and flower petals (mostly for appearance, I suspect). The flavor profile of this is a warm chocolate bar. One that will kick you awake with caffeine.

My husband and I like to walk around on New Years Eve in our town, look at ice sculptures, and drink hot chocolate. This tastes like that night. It tastes like the excitement of a new year. It tastes like a red nose and hand-holding.

It tastes, possibly, like a trip to the ski lodge, though I don’t EVER participate in sports, so I wouldn’t know.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet picker-upper, give this one a whirl!

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Leaf Type:  Puerh

Where to Buy:  Fraser Tea


Decadent Chocolate Truffle is an organic, healthful beverage with calming effects. Delight in the richness of chocolate and comforting cream in your first sip of this high quality organic Pu-erh tea. Fraser Tea handpicks all teas and chose this Pu-erh variety for its ability to improve with time. Often used as a slimming tea for those working to manage weight and wellness, this tea is sought all over the world.

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Co-Coconut Almond/A Quarter To Tea. . . .

Co-Coconut Almond is a tea by A Quarter to Tea that was featured in the  monthly subscription box. It is comprised of black tea, coconut flakes, raw almonds, cocoa nibs/shells, and mini sprinkles.

Steeping the tea using the recommended steeping parameters, I brewed it up as a latte and topped it with coconut whipped cream. Since the whipped cream was being rather uncooperative, I ended up with a fair bit more whipped cream than I wanted, though thankfully it complimented the tea quite nicely contributing a deliciously sweet and creamy coconut.

As for the tea itself, the main flavor for me is the almond which is smooth throughout the sip and then really pops at the end. I don’t usually love almond in tea as it tends to come off like marzipan as opposed to the actual nut. This tea does get a bit of a marzipan quality to it at the end of this sip when there is a pop of flavor but until that point, it is much more true to the nut itself and it blends nicely with the creamy coconut of the tea, another strong flavor. What I don’t get at all is the chocolate.

This tea did make for a nice latte and I think those who enjoy marzipan would love this, especially if they are coconut fans as well. As someone who doesn’t love marzipan, this was not my favorite but it was still quite nice.

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Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  A Quarter To Tea


This blend was part of the monthly tea subscription box.  Click below to learn more!

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