True Honey Teas Green . . . .

Today my husband asked me for a no nonsense not fru fru simple drinking tea and I knew exactly which tea to brew up for him.

True Honey Teas offer tea drinkers a tea and honey combination in every sip of their teas.  In both their K Cups and bagged teas, honey along with sugar has been added in one for or another.  And when I say sugar I mean sugar.  Not stevia or or any other sweetener. But pure sugar.  My husband was quite excited about that fact.

Brewed up with water at around 190F and allowed to steep for 3 minutes, this tea yields a very delicious yet very sweet brew.  The honey comes across right away and the green tea base provides that perfect contrast to the sweet honey giving the tea this very satisfying sip each and every time.

I will admit, the honey/sugar is a bit much for me and I find myself only able to drink a cup here or there.  I rarely add any sugar or honey to my teas, but the rest of my house devoured this tea after I brewed up a few cuppas.  Like DEVOURED it to the point where they are asking me for more.  They even asked me to throw a few tea bags into a pitcher to make a batch of sweet iced green tea.  Something that I think even I could get on board with.

All in all a great cuppa for sure just one I don’t think I could see as a daily drinker for me personally.  This tea blend is simple and to the point.  Green Tea sweetened with honey and sugar.  Honestly, a great combination for any tea drinker! My family has deemed this tea blend a winner!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  True Honey Teas

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Honey Pear from Nelson’s Tea. . . .

Holy murky waters, Batman! Seriously. Teas are normally translucent at the very least but this brews up unexpectedly opaque. My guess is the pollen is at play here. Well, here goes nothing…

Alright, so after my first sip, my thought was, for a tea that looks so dense, this tastes surprisingly thin. It smells like tea and pear and yet the taste is just slightly sweet/ slightly pear flavored water. No honey. Not much tea. Big sips, small sips, letting it sit on my tongue…maybe there is a touch of honey sweetness but I want MOAR!!! More pear. More honey. This sounds awesome but it is failing to deliver. Honestly, I don’t even know if I could identified the honey or pear if I had this in a blind taste test because it is very, very subtle.

If I am being honest, I think this may benefit from a different base. A green would be good actually since it is lighter which would allow for more of the light pear flavor to come through. Honey would also stand out more on a green base, though when I saw the base was black I hoped it would contribute additional honey notes that the flavoring could play off. Alas, it seems I am getting a whole lotta nothing.

Perhaps next time I will steep it stronger or maybe add something to coax out more flavor. However, steeped per the recommended time in 190F water, I am sad to say this fell short of my expectations.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Nelson’s Tea

Just like biting into a sweet, succulent pear, this tea is sure to please.  Enjoy it hot or iced!

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Honey Mead from A Quarter to Tea

I love my genmaicha tea and if I can find a flavored one, its an automatic impulse buy. I can’t stop myself. Which is what happened when I laid eyes on this blend, Honey Mead from A Quarter to Tea. I knew I didn’t need any more tea, but I HAD to have this one.  I mean just listen to the description:

Sencha and toasted rice make a toasty and sweet base for apple, buttered rum and honey flavors (which are accented further with honeysuckle).

This tea had me at toasty sweet base.

Brewed up by the recommended parameters, I set about trying my first sip of this tea. After allowing the tea to settle and cool for a moment, I came away with this gorgeous silky honey flavor that reminded me of a sweet wheat beer. There definitely is a note of “mead” and I can see why this blend is called Honey Mead.

In each sip you are greeted with this amazingly balance honey toasted flavor that mingles very well with the apple buttered rum flavors.  All in all, an amazing blend that I had every intention of sharing with some of my sisters but found myself devouring teapot after teapot of this blend until it was gone.

Every time I have A Quarter To Tea I am blown away by how amazing their blends are.  This is one of those companies that you know you will not be disappointed by the teas you pick up.  I adore the unique flavors they offer that you can’t get anywhere else. One of my favorite companies for sure!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: A Quarter To Tea


Sencha and toasted rice make a toasty and sweet base for apple, buttered rum and honey flavors (which are accented further with honeysuckle). Comforting and revitalizing.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!