Coconut Oolong from Zen Tea. . . .

This is my second time swapping with the same person. Its funny because we have very similar tastes and I’ve quite enjoyed almost every tea I have been sent. This time around I admittedly asked for a few that I had previously tried because they were just so good. But, this Coconut Oolong is a new one. I have loved coconut my whole life. I actually have pretty cool memories of drilling into whole coconuts in the garage with my stepdad so I could drink the water and eat the flesh. I also had an obsession with pina coladas (virgin) as a kid…and you know what, even as an adult i’ll enjoy one poolside on vacation. Anyways, I have tried my fair share of coconut teas. I’ve now tried two coconut teas that contained oolong as a base and I definitely liked both of them.

As for Coconut Oolong by Zen, it smelled like suntan lotion. That may sound bad but its not! I just mean that the coconut smell was very strong and pleasant and summery. The taste of coconut was not as strong as the smell. It was rather light but still with a creamy undertone. Oolong is a cross between black tea and green tea. Depending on how it is made, sometimes it can taste more like black and other times it can taste closer to green…of course there are also times were it tastes like something all its own. In this instance it tastes closer to green tea in my opinion, with a slight floral undertone. I often prefer green to black especially when coconut is involved, so I like it a lot. My only negative opinion on this blend would be that I would have liked some coconut shreds or white chocolate or something else in the mix. There was only tea leaves and,I’m assuming, coconut flavoring. It would have been nice to see some thick shreds of coconut- even if just for aesthetics.

All and all I enjoyed this blend and it is my first try of the company Zen. I am curious to see what else they have and would suggest that you check them out!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy:  Zen Tea

A lightly floral and smooth Baozhong Oolong from Taiwan is perfectly blended with creamy coconut to make our Coconut Oolong. The cakery coconut flavour is amazing, and tea is a very smooth, rich, almost milky tea with a natural sweetness and subtle floral notes. If you love coconut milk sweets and sophisticated oolongs, this is tea for you.

Ingredients : Oolong tea, coconut flavor
Preparation(1 cup): 1 teaspoon, 90C(194F) water, 3 minutes
Tea origin : Taiwan, Baozhong(Pouchong. Lightly oxidized, green oolong. Rich, naturally sweet fragrance of honey, flowers, and coconut)

For the best infusions, we recommend you try brewing this tea in a Porcelain teapot or Guywan.

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