Bee’s Knees and Apricot Black from Fava Tea. . . .

I am knew to mixing different types of loose leaf. I imagine there are some really great combinations. I guess I’ve never done it much because I was nervous that I would need to mix them a few times to get it right and I really didn’t want to waste tea, but the other day I was perusing Fava Tea’s website and I saw a great suggestion. They said that their tea “Bee’s Knee’s, which is a black tea blend with bee pollen honey, and their Apricot black tea, blend really well together! I was intrigued. Apricot and honey almost Read More


Fresh Perspectives Green Tea from Plum Deluxe. . ..

The name of this tea is what caught my attention. “Pour a cup of this tea and sit in the stillness. Consider fresh possibilities.” I thought that was interesting. As a stay at home mom to an 8 month old, it is a little hard to sit in the stillness…but i’m trying. The ingredients here are green tea, apricot pieces, cinnamon chips, calendula, and vanilla essence. I was really excited once I read the ingredient list because the combination of all those ingredients just sounded really yummy. The first thing I noticed once I steeped this tea was that it Read More