Sour Appletini from DAVIDsTea. . . .

My coworker and I have a spiritually violent “hot potato” going with teas. We complain and toss things onto each other’s desks with aplomb. We also occasionally sneak things into each other’s collections and wait with bated breath to see whether the other will notice. I got up to go to the bathroom yesterday and when I came back, this was on my desk. “What’s wrong with this one?” I asked. “I don’t feel it,” she said, shrugging. So I decided to channel J.D. on Scrubs and make myself a nice iced appletini. But from tea. Sadly, not drinking booze Read More

apple crisp yunnan tea

Apple Crisp from A Quarter To Tea. . . . .

Well, this blend has me curious because I can see pieces of oats! I mean, come on, we all know the best part about apple crisp is the cinnamon, sugar, and oat topping. I really love fall and I really love fall desserts. I mean don’t get me wrong, spring is great, but right now I am wishing for fall. Especially after drinking this blend. With every sip I am dying to go apple picking and then come home and make a freshly baked apple crisp! I am dead serious when I say that steeped, this blend smells just like Read More

Sour Apple Green

Sour Apple Green from Stylin’ Tea Blends. . . . .

YUM! Can I just start off by saying…YUM!? Well, there! I ‘done..did it’! Sour Apple Green from Stylin’ Tea Blends is MORE than brilliantly done! It’s a MUST on my flavored green teas of the moment list! Here’s why… Sour Apple Green from Stylin’ Tea Blends – as you can guess – is a sour apple flavored green tea! It’s made up of Green Tea, Apple Pieces, Lemon Pieces, Safflower Petals, and Sunflower Petals. It’s gorgeously colorful to look at dry and smells wonderful. The aroma gets even stronger and juicier once infused! Yummy, juicy, sweet apple paired with citrus, Read More


Harvest Moon from Souvia Tea. . . .

I keep trying to write my review, but you guys– all I can think of is apple cinnamon instant oatmeal. (Okay, let’s back up a sec.) I brewed this cup of Souvia’s Harvest Moon green tea this morning looking for something calming and settling on my stomach. I wanted something sweet and tasty, but light and not overdone. The dry leaf smells strongly of apples with a hint of spice, which bodes well for what I’m in the mood for. The literal second the hot water hits my steeper, I am immediately hit with the overwhelming scent-twin of the instant Read More


Apple Cinnamon French Toast from Simpson & Vail

I respect you guys, so I’m not going to beat around the bush. This tea is a solid two thumbs up. Respectful thumbs, angled straight up at the sky. (Which, today, is actually very sunny and pleasant. Wishing you the same.) You get apple. You get cinnamon. You get maple. You get a little bit of a malt note that I might be imagining. But I’ve now put the idea of malt in your head. You’ll therefore taste it when you try this. There’s a deep black tea note that hangs out in the background, letting the sweet kids romp Read More