Ten Flavors of Kombucha from GT’s Living Foods

Kombucha appears to be all the rage right now, with stores stocking more companies and flavors than I’ve ever noticed before, even outside the shelves of my local health food store.  What is kombucha?  Kombucha is fermented black tea.  The fermentation process gives the brew carbonation and bacteria, the good kind of bacteria like in yogurt, which helps the digestive system.  Due to the fermentation process, some kombuchas are contain alcohol, and others have gone through processes to filter out this excess alcohol and make it safer for those who don’t partake.  Check on the alcohol content of the next Read More


PRODUCT REVIEW: Green Tea & Lemon Sparkling Fermented Tea from Kombucha Wonder Drink

Product Information: A refreshing hint of organic natural lemon in harmony with green tea. Learn more about this product here. Taster’s Review: I am probably the last person to ever try Kombucha.  Yeah … imagine that … a tea reviewer has been hesitant to try a tea product.  About as inconceivable as the thought that I would be hesitant to try something new (especially when it pertains to tea.)  But there it is … I love my tea, but, the idea of fermented tea … and what little I have read about Kombucha, the making of it sounds a little Read More


Black Tea Merlot from Vintage TeaWorks

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where To Buy:  Vintage TeaWorks Tea Description: Inspired by Merlot, we blended natural 
ingredients to create a black tea blend that is velvety and robust. The 
hints of black currant, plums, licorice and violets make drinking this 
tea quite a sensual experience. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: When I first pried open the lid on this canister, I was amazed at how good it smells.  It has a distinct wine-like aroma to it.  I’m certainly not able to discern that it smells like “Merlot” … or any other specific type of wine, Read More