Raspberry Lemonade from Because UR Priceless

This is the second tea I’ve tried from Because UR Priceless and I have to say I’m impressed.  I loved their take on an earl grey and vanilla blend so I was quite excited to steep up some of this Raspberry Lemonade. Raspberry Lemonade is a blend of organic ingredients:  green tea, huge chunks of raspberries, hibiscus, lemon peel, spearmint, and licorice root. The idea of a raspberry lemonade green tea blend just makes me happy.  First note impression of this tea was that the blend lends itself to a cheery note. Bright pops of red on a bed of Read More


Jamaica from DaveandSolomonsTea (An Etsy Store)

CuppaGeek’s Review: Hibiscus blends are ones that tea enthusiasts either love or hate. The hibiscus can make the most wonderful tea tart and overwhelm or it can heighten the flavors of the tea and take the blend to the next level. And that is exactly what hibiscus does in this amazing herbal blend from DaveandSolomonsTea, an Etsy store. Packed full of gorgeous jasmine flowers and rose petals, the picture really doesn’t do this blend justice.  And yes, those gorgeous floral components are on a bed of hibiscus but stick with me on this one. Since these are our last days Read More


1001 Nights from Three Teas (an Etsy Store)

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Three Teas Tea Description: From the site:  I finally have this tea back!! I sold out over Christmas. Whenever I got some more it was only a few packages at a time and they sold before I had time to post them. So get this while you can! This flavored tea is a wonderful addition to any tea connoisseurs collection. This tea is made of Jasmine & Roses which gives this loose leaf Green Tea a memorable fragrance and flavor. The best of both worlds. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Read More


Sweet Cocoa Genmaicha from Liquid Proust

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy: Liquid Proust Tea Description: Ingredients: Genmaicha (second flush sencha, roasted rice, popcorn), hojicha bancha (bought in Tokyo), caramel cocoa (pure cane sugar used) Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: See those ingredients under tea description? You taste each and every one of these flavors.  Maybe this tea should be re-named- Coco Pebbles. This tea is from the amazing Liquid Proust’s tea shop, a Steepster friend who I was very glad to support when he opened up his Etsy store.  The Sweet Cocoa Genmaicha was the first tea that went directly into my Read More