Luna Tea Blend from Moongleam Tea Shoppe

Hello, tea-ple! I type this today during a Waxing Gibbous moon while drinking Luna Blend by Moongleam Tea Shoppe, an up-and-coming new company. (Original Artwork by Super Starling!) Luna a mash-up of what I consider to be a “morning” profile and an “evening” profile. It has bergamot like an Earl Grey; and it also has chamomile, lavender, and basil like a sleepytime blend. I’ve never seen tea profiles collide exactly like this. I had everything in discrete boxes. I had tea carefully assigned to the clock. But October isn’t the season for keeping the light and the dark apart. This Read More


Sweet Pear from Dave and Solomons Tea

I love the idea of pears in teas more than my experience with them in the past. For some reason, I always detect something artificial and medicinal.. I think it might just be from the pear flavoring, unfortunately. I do well with pear jelly beans and candies, but the pear flavoring in tea bothers me. The scent of this tea is reassuring as it’s a nice balance of sweet pear and a rather woody rooibos. I’m really hoping that this pear lives up to its benign scent. Sipping… wow, this is a little strange. When I take a sip of Read More


Emerald City from Oh You Tease

This tea is exactly what I needed today! Work has been pretty stressful so I needed an easy going tea that would be forgiving (if i oversteeped) and wouldn’t taste bitter if I had to leave the brew to cool. I quickly grabbed this one, Emerald City from Oh You Tease, an Etsy Tea Shop that I instantly fell in love with. Brewed up with freshly prepped water and allowed to steep for about 4 minutes, this tea yielded an absolutely gorgeous take on a mint green tea blend. Strikingly on target with the perfect amounts of roasted green tea Read More