English Breakfast from the Virginia Tea Company . . . .

When you need a tried-and-true pick-me-up in the morning, many of us reach for a cup of English Breakfast black tea.  But each tea company has a little different take on this style of tea. English Breakfast from the Virginia Tea Company is robust in scent, taste, and texture.

This tea is full and malty, almost chewy, with toasty tones of baked bread.  This tea is strong enough to have flavor after being mixed with milk and sugar, and to hold up on its own against the savory flavors of your breakfast.

The first scent and taste are the rich and complex flavors like roasted wheat or leather, followed by the little crisp bite of black tea that we come to expect.  There is a hint of earthy smoke at the back of each sip, along with the the less bitter black tea tannins and thicker mouthfeel.

This is a black tea that makes you feel strong and invigorated, while also giving your palette a full-bodied flavor experience.  For those mornings where it is hard to get your head on straight, be sure to brew up a strong cup of English Breakfast from the Virgina Tea Company and get back on track.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Virginia Tea Co.

This organic tea is perfect for pairing with your morning meal. The full-bodied flavor can be blended with milk and sugar to create an even better drinking experience.

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English Breakfast from Walters Bay. . . .

Hello dear reader, among all the interesting tea that is available in today’s market, it is nice to find a tea blend that doesn’t stray too far from the classic blends. Of course, I am talking about English Breakfast, the blend that never fails to fit my every mood. So I was more than happy to brew a cup of this English Breakfast especially when it is from a company from which I am surprised that I have never heard of for this company is 151 years old!

As I am sure is the case for most of you, this tea tastes like your typical English Breakfast blend. But that is not saying it is not good, this tea is definitely one of the best cups of English Breakfast that I have had. This tea is perfectly bold and bright with a soft dry finish combined with a perfectly sweet malty flavor. I was sad that I only had one cup to sample for my cup emptied way to fast so I will be most definitely be stocking up in the future.

Now on to the prices, a box of 15 (silk pyramid bags) is priced at $6.99 USD which will be about .47¢ a cup. For loose leaf, it would be $9.99 for a tin (18 cups per tin) that will be about .56¢ a cup and $10.99 for a bag (33 cups per bag) that is .33¢ per cup. I also don’t see any options for samples but I think spending about $7 isn’t too bad for testing a tea.

All in all, this tea is a good staple to have in my tea collection. I enjoyed my cup immensely and I see why this specific blend won first place in the 2018 Global Tea Championship in the English Breakfast category. I believe that this blend is approachable by all tea drinkers and will be a welcome addition to any tea collection

See you for the next cuppa!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Walters Bay

English Breakfast Ceylon Black Tea Full Leaf Tea Enveloped Tea Bags begins with freshly hand-plucked tea leaves processed in our own Noori Tea Processing Center, in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Our Award-Winning Pekoe 1 black tea grade is meticulously processed during the Western High Grown season. This grade of tea offers a classic Ceylon signature flavor profile that is ideal as an English Breakfast Tea. It is a full bodied tea with a slight malty character and exceptional aroma. Great as a stand alone cup or with a dash of milk. Contains 15 individual enveloped full leaf tea bags. Each tea bag contains approx. 3 grams of tea


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English Breakfast – Solstice Tea Traders

Scroll down and look at the description. A bit disappointing right?  Especially considering how nice and earthy the flavor is. Honestly, I tend to not drink many Irish or English breakfast teas because I tend to stick to the greener side of teas but it is good to try the ‘darker side’ particularly when you savor a clean flavor like this one.

Clean seems like it might be a weird word to use to describe tea but honestly that was what my first thought was.  Perhaps pure would be better? Even the color of the brewed tea is somewhat more elegant.

Truly its the flavor that impresses me the most though. Definitely earthy  with essences of both wood and forest.  The wet aroma is reminiscent of wood chips.

This is the type of black tea that will make you cringe when people ask you to put milk in it. No offense if you do of course. Now that I think about it though, I wonder if you ground up the leaves like match and made a latte…. with some frothed vanilla almond milk?

If I had the ability to froth milk I would do this. . . .

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy: Solstice Tea Traders

English Breakfast Tea– Just as Irish Breakfast Tea, English Breakfast Tea is and always was a tea sourced from India or Sri Lanka.

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Highly Recommended. . .English Breakfast from Pinky Out Tea


My hubby asked me the other day if we had any English Breakfast and I just gave him that look of. . “Sweetie, I’m a tea blogger. . Remember?”

So I took the hint and brewed up a small pot of English Breakfast from Pinky Out Tea, which was a mistake. I should have grabbed the larger tea pot!

The tea is robust and gentle all at the same time. This isn’t one of those smack you in the face English Breakfast blends but more of a gentle wave that provides flavor throughout the cuppa.

The first sip gives you that familiar flavor that is satisfying and yet you still just can’t get enough. Rich malty tones without any bitter notes attacking you as the tea cools. Just a solid black tea  flavor that keeps giving sip after sip.

Really well balanced and exactly what I needed today.

Pinky Out Tea is newer to the SororiTea Sisters but one that is incredibly welcome to visit whenever they like.  Pinky Out Tea was founded on the idea of bring simplicity to our tea cups. Sure I love and adore my flavored and crazy tea flavors, but sometimes a good cup of English Breakfast or a simple green tea. . .there isn’t anything better.

**Edit : Pinky Out Tea reached out and informed us their English Breakfast is also their Organic Black. We’ve updated the information below for a reference. **


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Pinky Out

Black Tea came into existence completely by accident. During the mid 17th century an army passing through the Fujian province decided to stop for shelter at a tea factory. Their stay held up production forcing the factory to keep the tea leaves in the sun much longer than usual. The end result after smoking the leaves was Lapsang Souchong, one of the first black teas. Since then, the process has been perfected and tweaked for different flavor and aromatic characteristics.

Our black tea was no accident. Sourced from Sri Lanka our black tea boasts robust flavor with hints of citrus making it a great choice for a morning pick me up or an afternoon delight!

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea from

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UNITEA from BlendBee. . . A World United In One Cup

BlendBee was a company I discovered this year and every blend just blows me away. The kindness, compassion, amazing quality, freshness of the teas and flavors makes BlendBee a company that really sticks out to me. This is one of those companies that once you discovered them, you just can’t get enough.

UNITEA came in last month’s subscription box from BlendBee. This blend is a mixture of Darjeeling, Honeybush, Yerba Mate, China Green Tea and English Breakfast. The description goes like this:

From South America to South Africa, India to China, with a touch of the Enlglish. Let’s all unite with one exquisite cup of tea. Spread love, joy and harmony. Cheers friends!

And Cheers friends is exactly right!

Right off the bat while this tea is steeping you get that familiar English Breakfast aroma wafting through the air. A smell that I haven’t encountered for some time and its definitely giving me love, joy, and harmony.

The flavors mingle together nicely to provide a wonderful cuppa this morning for sure.  The notes that really stand out are the Darjeeling and English Breakfast ones. I can pick up the Honeybush as well but I’m not really getting the green tea or yerba mate. But that’s ok. I know they are working silently in the background to complete this gorgeous flavor that is really helping my morning along.

Such a wonderfully robust strong tea that really makes you want to drink it all morning long while checking off projects around the house or even at work. At least that’s what I’m doing now. This tea has a lot going on but everything really works well and jives.

This tea by itself is outstanding but I wanted something a bit more (after I had about 4 cups of it) , so I added in a bit of ginger and peppermint and wow, this tea has taken on a life of its own.  Such a well balanced and thought out tea and now it looks like a tea that would be a great one to experiment your blending your own tea blends with.

I’m so happy this one showed up last month. Now I’m wondering what would happen if you threw in a touch of marshmallow root and some orange peel. . . . this could be something fantastic in the making. . .(hint hint BlendBee!!)

If you are looking for that last minute present for that tea drinker on your list, check out BlendBee. I know they will enjoy their blends as much as I do!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: BlendBee

From South America to South Africa,  India to China and a touch of the English. Let’s all unite with one exquisite cup of tea. This unique blend is crafted with the worlds best teas for you to truly savor. Spread love, share joy and harmony. Cheers friends!


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