Bourbon Smoked White from Embrew. . . .

I don’t like anything smoked. I tried lapsang souchong once and I could barely get past the first sip. I felt like I was drinking water that had had campfire logs soaking in it for a week. Not yummy. Despite my fear of anything smokey, I decided to go ahead and brew this one up. I read up on this company and apparently this tea is pre-sweetened. Well I still added a couple drops of agave because I didn’t think it was sweet enough but turns out it really didn’t need it, so keep that in mind if you decide Read More


Steamed Honey Green from Embrew. . . . .

When I was originally taking pictures of the blend (I took it out of the satchel), I was very confused as to what the yellow granules were. I looked it up and found out that it was granulated honey! I’ve never granulated honey before. Also, what a neat concept to have the honey already in the blend. I really enjoy that the company had the predetermined sweetness factored in. After brewing the blend, there was a grassy aroma from wet leaves. The liquor was very smooth and had a nice subtle grassy flavour with a hint of honey sweetness. Since Read More


Amber Black Maple from Embrew.. . . . .

I usually drink loose leaf tea so I pulled out this sample teabag with low expectations…until I had the bag in my hands. It felt fat and crunchy! I could tell the leaves were big and whole, and decided to steep this in an infuser so I could have a good look at it. I tore it open and that’s when I saw that there was more than just tea in the bag! There were also coarse grains of sugar. Looking up the company online, I saw that they specialize in teas blended with handcrafted sweeteners and mine just happens Read More


Oolong +Sweetner in One Convenient Tea Bag. . . . #Embrew

I was immediately intrigued by this tea as soon as I saw it sitting in my sample box. I’d been hearing about Embrew from my fellow Sororitea Sisters for the last few weeks– they’re a new company, packaging loose leaf tea into bags with the sweetener already added. A far cry from my early tea drinking days, I don’t usually sweeten my teas now, but will occasionally when it feels like they need a little oomph (or for homemade tea lattes, because #treatyoself). This particular brew, Creamy Honey Oolong, sounds right up my alley. Brewed, it’s a beautiful light gold Read More


Steamed Honey Green from Embrew. . .Sweetener and Tea All in One!

A few weeks ago, Embrew contacted the SororiTea Sisters to see if we were interested in reviewing their tea bags. I for one was intrigued but also curious on how I would like their teas. Let me explain. Embrew offers tea in a unique way- in a tea bag with a sweetener already in. So there is no need to add any additional sugar or honey, unless you want to. Being one that typically only adds cream to my tea, I wondered how much I would enjoy their teas or if I thought they would be way too sugary. Steamed Read More