Dong Ding Oolong from Tea Avenue. . . . .

I was pretty happy to see this among my samples of tea to try. When I have a lot of different teas around, I tend to flit from one to another according to mood and sometimes this leads to a bunch of them getting pushed back or left behind. But it was a Dong Ding tea that really made me embarrass myself with how quickly I drank up a whole 100 gram bag. Like…it really was amazing and shameful how fast that tea went away. I must have been super hydrated. Knowing the quality of other oolong teas that I Read More


DMS Dong Ding Oolong Tea From Siam Tea

Hello Tea Friends,  I got a sample pack of Dong Ding Oolong to try from my last order with Siam Tea and today is the day to try it. Think of it as a random cupboard sample that has been chosen for the potential of greatness. Opening the packet reveals large brown leaf balls complete with stem that appear whole. They truly are an impressive size! Also though dark they have a nice glossy shine. On sniff-spection I can smell toasted wood with soft, dry smoke. Steeping Parameters: 5g Leaf, 320ml vessel, 85C water temperature, 3 minute steep. The resulting Read More


Taiwanese Dong Ding Oolong from Verdant Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Oolong Where to Buy: Verdant Tea Tea Description: This Dong Ding exemplifies the union of sweet and savory flavors that are a hallmark of Taiwanese oolong craftsmanship. Taiwanese oolong is an incredible and worthwhile counterpoint to the Tieguanyin growing cross the straights in Anxi. While mainland oolongs tend to be more floral, Taiwanese oolongs edge towards savory. In love with the unique taste, we are pleased to have found this standout example despite difficult growing conditions in Taiwan this past year. The wet leaf aroma is like being in a small bakery with rising whole wheat walnut currant Read More


Dong Ding Oolong from Far Leaves Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Oolong Where to Buy: Far Leaves Tea Tea Description: A classic Taiwan Oolong, grown high above lugu valley this summit tea has a soaring floral opening and a rich lasting finish. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Getting some of this Dong Ding Oolong from Far Leaves Tea to sample from my SororiTea Sister Anne was such a lovely surprise! Not only do I love a good oolong, but I have never had a tea from  Far Leaves Tea, so this is a real treat! I love the cute canisters the tea comes in and while Read More


Dong Ding Oolong from Peony Tea S.

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Oolong Where to Buy: Peony Tea S. Tea Description: Dong Ding is one of the prime examples of all that is charming about Taiwanese oolongs- smooth texture and refreshing aftertaste often known as ‘hou yun’ or ‘harmony of the throat’. A sweetness that appears after the nutty, caramel like notes continues to delight.. A deep and deeply satisfying oolong. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Dong Ding is one of, if not my all time favorite tea. I can buy some not too far from my home (about 20 minutes each way) but it is Read More