Chocolate Ecstasy Matcha from Domo

Moral of the story…experiment! It’s FUN and with Matcha – is so diverse – by experimenting it will make just about anyone a Mad Matcha Scientist!

Chocolate Ecstasy Matcha from Domo is the perfect flavored Matcha to play around with! Give it a try! You’ll be glad you did!


Vanilla Cloud Matcha from Domo

I really like the texture of this one! Incredibly Silky Smooth! The Vanilla is almost sugary and a pure delight! It’s somewhat ‘puffy’ texture-wise so I can understand and relate to the “cloud” connection in this products name! It’s sweet and smooth and almost candy-like! I really like this! I can see why this is one of their top sellers!


Savanna Vanilla African Rooibos from Domo

If you like sweet and you like sugar or if you try anything vanilla flavored – you will probably like this! If you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet-tooth…try this! Or if you are like me and just like trying new things! This is NEW…try it!