Dian Hong Black Tea from Teabook

Hello Tea Friends! Today I will be reviewing some Dian Hong Cha from Teabook. If you are new to tea then here is some translating: Dian – Shorter version of Yunnan, a province in China known for tea growing. Hong means red which refers to it’s colour, in China it’s known as red tea but in Western countries it’s a black tea. Cha literally means tea. So it’s Yunnan Red Tea. This tea is also known as Yunnan Black or Yunnan Red but as there are many different types of black/red teas produced in Yunnan it can be a little Read More


Fox Tail (Ancient Tree Black Tea) 2015 Spring Feng Qing from Bitterleaf Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Tea Where to Buy: Bitterleaf Teas Tea Description: Dian Hongs are a special breed of black tea, and this 2015 Spring Feng Qing Golden Tip, or Fox Tail as we’ve affectionately named it, is no different. Comprised solely of high quality tips from Feng Qing, this highly fragrant Dian Hong has a sweet, smooth taste throughout. It’s impossible to miss the consistent scent of freshly baked caramel cookie, along with a hint of citrus sweetness. This is apparent from the smell of emptied cup and even the smell of the soup. This medium bodied tea is Read More


Wild Black Tea from Teabook

 Tea Information: Leaf Type: Black Where to Buy: Teabook Tea Description: Our red tea comes from Yunnan, Fujian, and Hunan provinces in China. The original name for black tea is red tea because of the general color of the infusion; it is still referred to as red tea in China today. Flavors that can define red tea are often robust, woodsy, or toasted and might have notes of walnut, raisin and chocolate. From a health perspective, some studies have established that red (black) tea may help protect lungs from exposure to cigarette smoke; new studies are starting to look at its possible Read More


Wild Black Tea Dian Hong from Teabook

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Tea (Red Tea) Where to Buy: Teabook Tea Description: This is a one time purchase of our beloved teabook Subscription box without the renewing feature, makes a great gift! We purposely seek out high-elevation, quality tea from small farms that don’t use pesticides. Free glass tea tumbler 18 tea packets of two quality selected varieties 1 special collection tea packet Great tea wherever you go! Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Wild Black Tea Dian Hong from Teabook is a great tea.  Whether you call it a Black Tea or a Red Tea it’s Read More


French Toast Dianhong Black Flowering Tea from Liquid Proust Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black/Flowering Where to Buy:  Liquid Proust Teas Tea Description: As my first batch of French Toast Dian Hong, I decided to go lightly on the flavoring because the natural cocoa taste from the tea is pleasant enough to keep the flavoring at a low amount. This tea proves to pull out different taste from different steeps from my experience and I am hoping you find the same to be true. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Some of my favourite tea companies are the ones where you really get a feel for the owners as Read More