Cardamom French Toast Tea-Infused Milk Chocolate Bar from DAVIDs Tea. . . .

I believe it was about a year ago that DAVIDsTEA introduced tea-infused chocolate to their store selection. Since then I have tried a few different varieties but have found them to be rather hit or miss. Plus, with the hefty price tag they boast of about $6 per chocolate bar, I find they are often not worth what I am paying.

The thing is in order to make their bars unique and different from the countless chocolate offerings in their world, DAVIDsTEA has put the actual loose leaf tea into the chocolate. This sometimes works as it not only provides flavor but also gives the chocolate a fun crunch. And sometimes it doesn’t work because the pieces of tea are a little too big and a little too hard and leave me a little fearful that the crunch will be more of a crack.

Well, the other day I was out for dinner with my sister and came across a DAVIDsTEA I had never been in before. Since there were some newly released teas I decided to go in and grab a few samples. While there I realized they still had quite a bit of their holiday offerings on sale, including their mini chocolate bars. At $2 a piece, I figured the price was right and grabbed a couple to try – this and the Blueberry Muffin tea-infused white chocolate bar. The Blueberry Muffin tea was one of those teeth-cracking bars that mostly tasted of white chocolate. This bar is significantly better.

The milk chocolate is rich and creamy which highlights the silky custard-like texture you get with good french toast. The tea imparts a great deal of that eggy flavor that is standard in the breakfast classic and one of the components I enjoyed the most when it came to this tea blend. There is also a nice dash of cinnamon to really round things out and help conjure up the illusion of the delectable breakfast treat that inspires the tea and this chocolate. I will say the chocolate drowns out the cardamom that was so prominent in the actual tea. Personally, I don’t mind this since I am not a lover of cardamom but I feel it is worth mentioning for those who might be bothered by its lacking.

All in all, this is one of the better DAVIDsTEA chocolate bars I have tried. Unlike other bars, the tea is distinctive in flavor while not being too present in the texture. In the past, some of the bars have simply tasted like other chocolates you could find in stores for much cheaper than they were being sold at DAVIDs. This bar is unique and definitely worth the price tag as it highlights the best parts of the tea that inspires it.

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