Darjeeling The First Flush from Lupicia. . . . .

The First Flush.

For those of you who are curious Darjeeling (and Assam) teas, when harvested, are done so in flushes. The first flush is considered to be the finest of the flushes. Usually this is done in March – April.

The one I am drinking currently is in a bag and so I am not tasting it at it’s optimal flavor (leaves that float uninhibited will present more flavor). Regardless, I am still impressed. It is a triangle tea bag and so there is a bit more room then your usual square tea bag.

The dry and wet leaf have a wonderful, sweet, earthy aroma. Maybe somewhat on the woodsy side. Darjeeling does not seem to be ther type of tea you can steep twice and get better or equal flavor from. The first time the mouth feel was of a gentle woodsy breeze; which is still present now but less pronounced.

If I close my eyes while I sip it I can imagine the misty tea gardens.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black/Darjeeling
Where to Buy:  Lupicia

DARJEELING THE FIRST FLUSH is an exclusive blend of spring-picked Darjeeling leaves. This tea has a green, fresh aroma and crisp astringency. The tea is so delicate in flavor and light in color, if you drink it thinking it’s just another cup of ordinary black tea, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Enjoy its gentle mouthfeel like a spring breeze.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Goomtee FTGPOP 1 Muscatel 2nd Flush 2016 Darjeeling from Lochan Tea. . . .

I got in a car accident over the weekend. Just a little fender-bender in a parking lot. My friend and I were A-OK. Just jostled. The car had a dent in it near the driver door that prevented it from opening. I had to climb across the passenger seat to get in or out.

I tell you this to set the scene, because I had to abandon my precious morning gym party with my friends to go to the repair shop. And they only had coffee there, because they’re RUGGED. So I was sitting there, tea-less, tired, while I waited for the Dudely People Who Understand Cars to decree the price, which I would have no way to argue because That’s Not My Thing. ($41 USD, in case you were wondering. Manageable!)

So anyway, by the time I dragged my sad ass into work, I was hankering for something comforting, and I decided this darjeeling would be it.

And I was right.

I love the quirky, slightly-astringent/spicy flavor of a darjeeling, which this definitely is. Darjeeling is like a nurse in crazy scrubs who takes good care of you. It has an offhanded, odd nature, but it knows exactly how to comfort you and handle your situation.

Tired and reeling from a Scary Thing That Happened To You? Pour yourself a nice cuppa that’s vibrantly flavored, like India, and give you the pluck necessary to rise again!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Lochan Tea

Hand Rolled 1st Flush Whole Leaf tea from Goomtee Tea Estate in Darjeeling.

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Darjeeling – Ambootia Estate Organic Green Tea from Simpson & Vail. . . .

Darjeeling – Ambootia Estate Organic Green Tea from Simpson & Vail is something I MUST discuss with you today!

Internationally renowned Darjeeling teas come to Simpson & Vail from the area in and around Darjeeling, a Himalayan town in the state of West Bengal in eastern India. The soil and climatic conditions that exist there create teas that are treasured for their exquisite taste. Darjeeling is often referred to as the “Champagne of teas”, and are so prized that the government there created a special logo that certifies that the teas bearing this logo were actually grown in this beautiful mountain terrain. You may have read about this already here at the Sororitea Sisters but we like to remind ourselves and other – every chance we can!

The Ambootia Estate, specifically, was established in 1861, and currently produces all of their teas using organic and bio-dynamic farming practices. This is ALWAYS a PLUS! Their organic green is a superlative tea with its pale hues and refreshing aroma. The smallish green leaves impart a sweet after-taste, with more body than most green teas and the wonderful flavor of a fine Darjeeling…according to the Simpson & Vail website, shop, and product description. I tend to agree, however, I was able to also pick up on a few floral notes and a more vegetal green flavor instead of a sweeter green flavor.

This was a MIGHTY FINE Green Darjeeling! I would LOVE to try the Black Tea equivalent of this soon! YUM!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  Simpson & Vail

Internationally renowned Darjeeling teas come to us from the area in and around Darjeeling, a Himalayan


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery #VeganMoFo2016


It’s a Goth Day prompt for Vegan MoFo 2016 and what better tea to pair this prompt with than Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery. Darjeelings can seem to be more dark and brooding teas, something that we adore in their temperament!

Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery has a lovely name and a delightful taste, too!

The dry leaves of Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery are multi-colored…various tones of brown, muted greens, and shades of grey. Some look crispy and others look a bit fuzzy.

Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery has that stereotypical Darjeeling flavor I have come to recognize well over the years but it’s a pretty strong tasting Darjeeling Black Tea which is nice because others are a bit too delicate for those hard-to-get-into-mornings!

This specific Darjeeling Beauty Black from The Kettlery smells like sweet, wet wood and also has floral notes, too! This was a mighty-fine Darjeeling, indeed!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black/Darjeeling
Where to Buy: The Kettlery

Darjeeling brings to the world this amazing tea during the pleasant season of spring. The leaves of this premium tea retain their greenish shade which give them the floral mouth filling taste. It is globally loved for its muscatel spring flavor which transports you into a world of culinary delight. It is best enjoyed without milk and sugar.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Namring Special Autumn Darjeeling Black from Teabox

teashotTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Teabox

Tea Description:

Autumnals from Darjeeling are known for their smooth and aromatic make. This blend tugs at the senses with its rich floral bouquet, although retrained. While light in cup, this tea impresses with its fullness.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Wow! Teabox has some pretty impressive teas and I have to say this one is fabulous and perfect for the chaotic week or so we’ve had in my family!

This tea had such a lovely almost floral aroma to it while it steeped. I steeped the tea per the instructions on the package and have to say they resulted in one gorgeous cuppa!

I love my Darjeelings for the lovely well balanced and smooth flavors they offer. I don’t like I’ve come across one I don’t like yet. This one (like I said) had a lovely floral aroma but the flavors were full blown malty with a hint of a citrus touch here and there.  One of those whole mouth feel sort of teas that really help you ease into your evening with class.  But be warned, this tea is one that will be come astringent quite quickly and will leave you with a rather mouth drying tea if you don’t goble it up while it is freshly brewed.

Another stunning example of the wonderful teas Teabox has to offer!