Edith Wharton’s Black Tea Blend from Simpson and Vail. . . .

I have a confession to make. Edith Wharton isn’t an author I ever followed. That may come as a shock to many of you and for that I am sorry. After reading her biography I was intrigued, however. Edith Wharton’s Black Tea Blend is one of the newest additions to Simpson & Vail’s Literary Tea Line. Ingredients include Darjeeling black tea, organic ginger pieces, mallow blossoms, marigold petals and flavoring. So eventho I cannot speak/write about my personal love for Edith herself – I can tell you about my love for this tea. Of course I’m interested in just about Read More

Organic Energy Chai

Organic Energy Chai from Hampstead Tea. . . .

“Organic Energy Chai” by Hampstead Tea was originally “BIOCHAI” (all caps). The original bag (which I am sampling here) touted the ingredient “biodynamic black tea leaves.” They’ve since changed their branding to a more delicate branding scheme that involves a white background and no more claims of things being “biodynamic.” Which is sort of a relief, because when I see “BIOCHAI” or “biodynamic,” I ironically don’t think of something being biological at all. I think about things that are biologically enhanced, like a Terminator/Borg situation. Like this tea got taken over by nanobots. This delicate, sweet tea doesn’t seem like Read More

Lavender Tea

Lavender Fans Take Notice! #TheLoveTeaCo

Anything with LOVE in the name of the company I can’t wait to learn more about and try their products – especially if they are TEA companies so when I heard we were getting teas from The Love Tea Co I was super excited! The first tea I tried from this company was their Black Lavender. At first glance of the loose leaf I thought it was more Lavender than Black Tea but after a closer look I noticed the ratio from leaf to flower or flower to leaf was about 50/50. After infusing the contents I noticed the tea Read More


Organic Okayti Wonder – Second Flush From Vahdam Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Darjeeling Tea Where to Buy: Vahdam Teas Tea Description: A certified organic fresh summer black from Okayti. The well manufactured leaves offer a delightful appearance with golden tips sprinkled all over. The tea is elegantly rich and bodied supported by aromas of fruits and berries. Discover zesty notes of chocolate with hints of muscat grapes in every sip. The aftertaste lingers on to a sweet floral finish.  Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: I will start by explaining that Vahdam Teas is a new name for an older company, formally known as Golden Tips Read More