Tsuei Luan Oolong Tea by Tea from Taiwan . . . .

I steeped this tea for three minutes with five grams of leaf in six ounces of water at 190 degrees. It smells so lovely in the packet that I kind of want to eat it. The tiny densely rolled-up leaves (which I let float free in the cup so I can watch them moving around and unfurling) are so cool! It seems about half of them are floating and half are sinking. It smells fruity, orchidy and a bit savory. First sip: Super rich! So much flavor!! The tea leaves have unrolled into large, intact leaves and the tea liquid Read More


Jin Shuan from Teance. . . . .

I love oolong teas, but especially oolong teas that have creamy, milky flavors. While I enjoy oolong teas that have the addition of flavors, my favorites tend to offer up the creaminess in a more natural way, without other ingredients. I love watching the tightly rolled leaves unfurl over time. I also enjoy the journey of the tea changing over the course of many brews as the leaves are used again and again. The scent is much lighter than I was expecting. It’s sugary and floral with just a hint of that leafiness I get from oolongs. Sipping… this one Read More


Creamy Toasted Coconut from Simpson & Vail

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Oolong Where to Buy: Simpson & Vail  Tea Description: A perfect tea for afternoon enjoyment! This delightfully light tea brews to an ecru color and has the taste of baked goodies with an undertone of an earthy oolong. The rich, exotic aroma is accompanied by the smooth, delicious taste of coconut macaroon with vanilla accents. Great hot or cold. Ingredients: Oolong tea, cacao nibs organic, vanilla beans, organic coconut pieces, flavorings and blue cornflower petals. Brew tea at 195º – steep for 4 minutes. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: The other day I came Read More