Colonial Remedy No. 6 Lemon Balm from Oliver Pluff & Co.

Sometimes I need occasional stress relief. And sometimes I need MORE than occasional stress relief. One of the herbs I enjoy for just about any reason is Lemon Balm. But did you know that Lemon Balm is has been used for YEARS for occasional stress relief? Enter Colonial Remedy No. 6 Lemon Balm from Oliver Pluff & Co.

Another way to spin this herbal tisane is that it’s a good herbal to make your heart merry and joyful. Who couldn’t use more merriment, eh? Colonial Remedy No. 6 Lemon Balm from Oliver Pluff & Co. is straight-up Lemon Balm. You know what they say ‘sometimes LESS is MORE’. I truly believe that in this case. But don’t take that as this herbal being weak because it’s not! Colonial Remedy No. 6 Lemon Balm from Oliver Pluff & Co. is wonderfully flavored Lemon Balm! I chalk that up to the company using HIGH QUALITY Lemon Balm and not the run-of-the-mill and/or ‘cheap stuff’.

Colonial Remedy No. 6 Lemon Balm from Oliver Pluff & Co. smells AND tastes like lemon and herb. I really LOVE the overall colonial theme of Oliver Pluff & Co. It’s one of those teas and companies that offers KNOWLEDGE tidbits while you sip.

In the case of this specific tisane offering…”Steeped as a tea, the colonials sipped lemon balm as for its uplifting effects: “balme makes the heart merry and joyfull, and strengtheneth vitall spirits…it drives away the care of the minde*.” (The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes (1597) – J. Gerard). I know sometimes I tend to pass over or roll my eyes one many herbal/tisane offerings but Colonial Remedy No. 6 Lemon Balm from Oliver Pluff & Co. might be listed on one of my future FAVORITES Lists!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal Tisane
Where to Buy: Oliver Pluff & Cobanner_oliver_pluff_0001_1448570868__46213


Lemon Balm – Loose Leaf

Makes the Heart Merry & Joyfull (For Occasional Stress Relief)*

Lemon Balm as a Remedy: Steeped as a tea, the colonials sipped lemon balm as for itsuplifting effects: “balme makes the heart merry and joyfull, and strengtheneth vitallspirits…it drives away the care of the minde*.” (The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes (1597) – J. Gerard)

Notes: Lemon balm has an subtle aroma of citrus that makes it useful as a strewing herb to freshen rooms. It is also valuable as a plant that is known to attract bees.

Brewing Tips: Boil 1 cup water, then pour over 1 tablespoon lemon balm. Steep for 15 minutes. Strain, and sweeten with honey.

* Please be advised: You should consult with your doctor before making dietary changes. Pregnancy and Lactation: Do not use without the advice of your doctor.

Hand-packaged by Oliver Pluff & Company in Charleston, South Carolina.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons #VeganMoFo2016

This is a different sort of a post here at Sororitea Sisters.  Not only is this a chain location review of sorts it’s also to mention both the Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons.  Keep in mind that Tim Hortons locations vary state by state and throughout Canada.  Not only are various Hot & Cold Teas available at Tim Hortons some locations have bagged tea, loose leaf teas, and other specialty offerings.

Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons are not my only reason for posting about this topic here today.  For today’s Vegan MoFo prompt “Where do you eat when you want someone else to cook for you” I decided to use Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons as a tie-in.  Not only does Tim Hortons have VARIOUS Tea Options they have a decent amount of VEGAN Options for quick food, too!  If you CLICK HERE you will see which of their foods are VEGAN.  I, personally, have a weakness for their bagels with a slice of tomato and Hot & Cold Teas at Tim Hortons depending on the season.  Their HOT teas are peppy and strong for bagged and their UnSWEETENED Iced Tea is usually a winner when on the go!


Hot & Cold Teas from Tim Hortons

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Various Tea Bases
Where to Buy: Tim Hortons
Description: With so many Tim Hortons specialty teas to choose from, there’s one for all your tea-savoring moments. Whether you like to relax with a soothing cup of caffeine-free herbal tea, or prefer the distinctive flavor of Earl Grey or Green Tea, Tim Hortons makes tea time, your time.

Available in a variety of flavors throughout the year and in seasonal favorites.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Cinnamon Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong from Stylin’ Tea Blends


Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy: Stylin’ Tea Blends

Tea Description:

Phoenix Dan Cong is a premium variety of china oolong teas, grown and processed in Mountain Phoenix, Chao Zhou, Guangdong. Dan Dong Teas are noted for their ability to naturally imitate the flavors and fragrances of various fruits and flowers, such as honey orchid, cinnamon, sweet-potato. According to history record, Dan Cong was served as an imperial tribute tea in Song Dynasty. This Tea is very popular in China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I was in a mood today for oolong. Been drinking it all day actually. Today was just one of those days were you wanted something rich, comforting, and a bit more complex.

Digging thru my tea stash I stumbled upon this beauty.  The leaves were gorgeous- dark and slightly twisted.  They yearned to be brewed up!

Brewed these up with water prepped at 195 per the steeping parameters and I allowed them to steep for about 3 minutes.  I was greeted with the most marvelous flavor! Rich, deep, well balanced, slightly vegetal, but so incredibly smooth.  This is was of those lush silky teas that give you that whole mouth feel and leave you craving more as soon as you finish your first sip. A gorgeous blend for sure and one that I’ve now brewed up a few times-enjoying each cup.

I can’t say that I picked up any cinnamon like flavors but I did pick up the sweet potato like resemblance and oddly enough the honey orchid profile. Those two flavors mingled together so nicely.  Sounds odd to say that they did but I finished off this tea in no time. A really fabulous tea for those days when you need a tea to comfort you all along your way!

Pomegranate Melon from Fusion Teas

PomegranateMelonTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green Rooibos/Yerba Mate

Where to Buy: Fusion Teas

Tea Description:

This unique combination merges tangy pomegranate and sweet melon into a surprisingly complex tea. Every sip takes you on a journey of flavors that is sure to intrigue and delight.

Tasting Notes:
candied apple, rainforest, campfire

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Let’s start this review off with talking about how gorgeous this blend is.  I love the pops of bright colors.  Just makes the tea blend so warm and inviting.  The aroma I get from the dry leaf is the same.  Sweet and alluring.  From the beginning, I’ve got high hopes for this tea.

Brewed this tea up like an herbal- 5 minutes at 212F and just let the aroma take me away.  This tea reminds me of summer.  Summer pool parties and the beach.  The melon fragrance is very prominent, giving you that summer feel.  After the five minutes was up, I took my first sip.

This tea has such a lovely melon flavor. Melon in tea is hard to accomplish but they’ve done it with this blend.  This reminds me more of a cross between watermelon and honey dew.  Almost like the fruit you would see at a pool party.  That is exactly what this tea tastes like.  A huge bowl of fresh cantaloupe, watermelon, and honey dew.  The pomegranate flavor is there but it is more in the background giving a slight tart contrast.  The green rooibos is giving the tea an extra tang of sweetness while the yerba mate is bringing it back down with a grassy finish.  This tea would be a phenomenal iced tea in the summer months or if you need to brighten up your day, this tea would definitely do it.

This may not be a tea I could see drinking everyday but I think this would be a great tea to serve at a party or over ice with some fresh berries in it while relaxing outside.  Such a tasty treat!

Sunrise Sensation from Vampyre Tea Company

SunriseSinsationTea Information:

Leaf Type: White

Where to Buy: Vampyre Tea Company

Tea Description:

White Tea is one of China’s Special Treasures, hand-picked from the youngest and most tender leaf tips and buds grown in the mountains of the Fujian province.  It is sun-dried in a laborious and ancient process that captures more of the tea’s incredible health-benefiting properties.  Our Bai Mu Dan, or more commonly called White Peony, yields a fresh and delicate flavor that blooms like flowers in springtime, and when mixed with Lemon Grass, Lemon Myrtle, and bits of peel with an infusion of Ginseng and Ginger roots, it makes the most revitalizing blend!  Bai Mu Dan White Tea, Lemon Peel-Grass-& Myrtle, Ginseng Root, & Ginger Root

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

White tea and ginger . . .not flavors I think I have ever had together before.  I was quite excited to try this combination!

My first impression of the dry leaf is that this blend has a real rich ginger fragrance.  I don’t pick up any of the white tea familiar floral notes.  I brewed this up with the typical white tea settings and set down to enjoy a cuppa.

Took a whiff of the steeped tea and yet again was greeted with a very heavy ginger fragrance.  My first impression of how this tea tastes? If you love ginger, you’ll love this tea.

For me the ginger was quite heavy in this tea but quite a nice change of pace.  I’m not sure I 100% love the combination of the floral aspects of the ginger.  Intriguing and different for sure.   The ginger notes and flavors are very dominating in each sip with the sweet floral like aspects of the tea hiding in the background.  You could pick up hints here and there of the lemon peel and lemon grass.  I almost wish those flavors would have been hyped up more with the ginger hyped down a note or two.  That would have been some great tea! I’m going to try this as a cold brew later today to see if I can get those flavors to pop a bit more.  Doesn’t a white ginger iced tea sound delicious?

This tea is good, just not what I was hoping for.  But ginger is a newer flavor that I just started liking.  This will be a tea I will be revising.  With a name like Sunrise Sensation and having a horror aspect to it, I have to try this one again!